12 Years Old
by Clev


IronCamels13:    how old are you???
CIevngrI:    12 
IronCamels13:    why are you up so late
CIevngrI:    because my mommy went out of town
IronCamels13:    cool
CIevngrI:    i no!
CIevngrI:    so how old r u?
IronCamels13:    20
CIevngrI:    wow ur not 2 old
IronCamels13:    you think 20 is old???
CIevngrI:    no
CIevngrI:    do u? 
IronCamels13:    no
IronCamels13:    still young
IronCamels13:    what school do you go to??
CIevngrI:    i go 2 roderunner elmentary
IronCamels13:    cool
CIevngrI:    i nho
CIevngrI:    *no
CIevngrI:    were do u go?
IronCamels13:    pima collage
CIevngrI:    wow
IronCamels13:    why do you say that
CIevngrI:    because i wont b in colege for a long tiem
IronCamels13:    that's ok.  just make sure you have fun right now and collage will come soon
CIevngrI:    do u have a g/f?
IronCamels13:    no
IronCamels13:    how about you
IronCamels13:    you got a bf
CIevngrI:    no!
CIevngrI:    do u think 8 years is 2 much?
IronCamels13:    8 years is to much for what
CIevngrI:    age difrence
IronCamels13:    no
CIevngrI:    me 2
IronCamels13:    so do you have a pic
CIevngrI:    no do u
IronCamels13:    nope
CIevngrI:    oh that sux
CIevngrI:    what do u look liek
IronCamels13:    5'8 dark short hair big brown eyes with a brown skin
CIevngrI:    o kew
CIevngrI:    l
CIevngrI:    kewl
IronCamels13:    and you??
CIevngrI:    im 4'10 gren eyez and brown hair
IronCamels13:    and you don't have a bf???
IronCamels13:    you have green eyes and brown hair 
IronCamels13:    you mustne great looking
CIevngrI:    no because im 12
IronCamels13:    what does that have to do with anything???
CIevngrI:    because boyz dont liek girlz whin were 12 
IronCamels13:    why not
CIevngrI:    wel marten seyz that i have kooteez
IronCamels13:    don't listen to him
IronCamels13:    he might just like you
CIevngrI:    an i toled marten that i had the kootee shoot but he dint beleave me 
CIevngrI:    an because i dont liek 12 boyz 
CIevngrI:    wel i betar go because i have skool tomoro
CIevngrI:    godnite
CIevngrI:    do u want my fone numbar? 
IronCamels13:    ok, but me on your list and talk to me later
CIevngrI:    CIevngrI: do u want my fone numbar? 
IronCamels13:    if you talk to me later then maybe I will take it from you
IronCamels13:    sound like a deal??
CIevngrI:    ok wel godbye
CIevngrI:    yes it dus
CIevngrI:    bye iron
IronCamels13:    have a good nite princess