12 Years Old 2
by rick

      Olo, quite honestly I feel like someone was playing a joke on me for a change. But I figured this convo was a good follow up to Clev's 12 Years Old.

Snoopers265: hey
Snoopers265: you sexy beast!!
rickdontlikeyou: huh?
Snoopers265: yes
rickdontlikeyou: whatever.
Snoopers265: yes you sexy thang!!
Snoopers265: rape me!
rickdontlikeyou: How can I rape you?
rickdontlikeyou: you're asking for it.
Snoopers265: ohh well sex me up!!
Snoopers265: baby
rickdontlikeyou: no thanks.
Snoopers265: yes!
Snoopers265: im only 12
Snoopers265: !!!!!!
rickdontlikeyou: hmmm...that's a little young.
rickdontlikeyou: call me in a couple years.
Snoopers265: yea
Snoopers265: but i got big boobs
rickdontlikeyou: oh yeah?
Snoopers265: yes
rickdontlikeyou: do you have pubes yet?
Snoopers265: yea
rickdontlikeyou: great.
rickdontlikeyou: Are you rich and blonde?
Snoopers265: im not blonde but im rich
Snoopers265: i have purple hair

rickdontlikeyou: no thanks.
Snoopers265: soooooo how old are you??
rickdontlikeyou: I only have sex with rich blonde fourteen year olds.
Snoopers265: my natural color is blonde
rickdontlikeyou: I'm twenty three.
Snoopers265: ohh baby your dick must be huge
Snoopers265: im not a virgin ya know
Snoopers265: i had sex with a 20 year old!!
Snoopers265: he had a big dick!!
rickdontlikeyou: Oh yeah?
rickdontlikeyou: That must have been nice.
Snoopers265: yea
Snoopers265: yea
Snoopers265: he was rough and it felt sooo good!
rickdontlikeyou: Did he b reak the head of your barbies?
rickdontlikeyou: or take your lunch money?
rickdontlikeyou: that would be rough.
Snoopers265: ohh no
Snoopers265: my barbies are all good
Snoopers265: but he broke my dildo?
Snoopers265: it wont vibrate anymore
rickdontlikeyou: Did he at least pay you back?
Snoopers265: uhh no
Snoopers265: that fagget
Snoopers265: but it was worth it
Snoopers265: :-D
rickdontlikeyou: Well that's good.
Snoopers265: yea
Snoopers265: he pleased me soo well
Snoopers265: bye bye
rickdontlikeyou: Good riddance.