9 Year Old

ValBM5135: what's with your asl?
Rickisg0d: I am 9~!!!!
ValBM5135: 9.f.harlem looking for older women?
Rickisg0d: yesssss!
Rickisg0d: r u older??
ValBM5135: ok. that sounds weird
ValBM5135: i'm 14
Rickisg0d: coool cool
Rickisg0d: r u sexy????
ValBM5135: yeah but i don't wanna talk to a 9 year old girl that is a lez
ValBM5135: bye
Rickisg0d: noooooooooooooo
Rickisg0d: dew u have a bf????/
ValBM5135: bye
ValBM5135: yes
Rickisg0d: r u bi??
ValBM5135: no
ValBM5135: why? u r
Rickisg0d: ya
ValBM5135: bye
Rickisg0d: ur boi can share us!!!!!!
ValBM5135: eww
ValBM5135: bye  
Rickisg0d: i will kiss you!
ValBM5135: you're weird, is this like a dare? really how old are u?
Rickisg0d: ok
Rickisg0d: i admit
Rickisg0d: i am 8
ValBM5135: lol,bye
Rickisg0d: but i wanna seem older!~!~!
ValBM5135: you're weird, bye
Rickisg0d: oh k!!!!!!! i am not gonna kiss you then!???
ValBM5135: bye
Rickisg0d: FINE!!