Aaliyah Was A Fag
by clev

CIevngrI:   aaliyah was a fag
CIevngrI:     dumb bitch deserved to die
SWEETJAZZY414:     u r a fag yo
CIevngrI:     no way, yo
SWEETJAZZY414: no she didn't deserve to di
AaliyahPartII:     You want some now...... come one sis
CIevngrI:     yes she did
Aaliyah sexybabe:     (crying)
CIevngrI:     yes she did, shut up
SWEETJAZZY414:     u deserve to die
CIevngrI:     she doesn't deserve to have all you little teeny bopper fags make s/ns after her stupid skank ass
AaliyahPartII:     no  the faG you get it from you fuckin parents ass wipe
CIevngrI:     well, so be it :)
Aaliyah sexybabe:     you deserved to die instead her you bitch
CIevngrI:     buuuuuut guess what....
CIevngrI:     i'm still alive and beautiful
CIevngrI:     and her ass is torched and buried.
AaliyahPartII:     i know.. she don't deserve to have hatyers hating on her sexuality when they be jerkin of to a fuckin man CIevngrI
CIevngrI:     if i was a man, wouldn't my s/n be Clevnguy??
CIevngrI:     moron
SWEETJAZZY414:     aaliyah looked way better than u do clevengrl
CIevngrI:     oh yeah, i forgot, you've seen me before.
CIevngrI:     you psychotic stalker.
CIevngrI:     i should report you..
SWEETJAZZY414:     who
    You will die soon.. fortunately no one would be at your funeral but aaliyahs sprits kickin your ass and your pet rayts pissin on your ass
Aaliyah sexybabe:     i hope you go to hell  while she iz heaven having fun yo ass will be burning to crisp
AaliyahPartII:     i will report you.......
AaliyahPartII:     he is gonna go to hell
thatz right
CIevngrI:     Hey Aaliyahwhore, when you decide to make sense, get back to me, until then, shut your cock trap.
AaliyahPartII:     he no hes ugly
Aaliyah sexybabe:     dont be telling my sis to shut up
AaliyahPartII:     he a homo  motherfucker
JerseyJuggalo420:     nice one clevngrl
CIevngrI:     heh
CIevngrI:     you guys are dumb asses..
CIevngrI:     seriously.
SWEETJAZZY414:     no ur the dumb ass
CIQuier when did you decide to rape your little brother
AaliyahPartII:     you are gay
AaliyahPartII:     seriuosly
CIevngrI:     my ass may be dumb, but at least i make sense ;)
CIevngrI:     oh, and i can spell
JerseyJuggalo420:     ha
CIevngrI:     you whores are like 12, you should be in bed waiting for daddy to do his nightly thing to you.
AaliyahPartII:     yes. to bad the won't spell your name rite on your grave cause no one would care
CIevngrI:     ....Aaliyah, give it up, honey bunches, you suck at talking shit.
Aaliyah sexybabe:     u can kiss my ass for all i care
SWEETJAZZY414:     first im not 12 and u go wait for your father
JerseyJuggalo420:     aaliya that made no sence what so ever
AaliyahPartII:     and you should hurry up and rape your bro before he falls asleep
CIevngrI:     Aaliyah doesn't need dumb ass whores like you defending her roasted ass.
LilestDevil01:     u go SWEET
SWEETJAZZY414:     thanx
LilestDevil01:     no prob
SWEETJAZZY414:     kool!
AaliyahPartII:     you are roasted like your penis is after your mom thought it was smores
CIevngrI:     Lilest....don't encourage her.
CIevngrI:     I
CIevngrI:     AM
CIevngrI:     FEMALE
CIevngrI:     GET
CIevngrI:     IT
CIevngrI:     THROUGH
CIevngrI:     YOUR
CIevngrI:     UGLY
Aaliyah sexybabe:     ha ha ha ha that's a good one sis
CIevngrI:     ASS
CIevngrI:     HEADS
JerseyJuggalo420:     whut up with all these aliyah whore wanna b's
AaliyahPartII:     you aint good at trash talkin... your just trash
Aaliyah sexybabe:     i dont have a head but you do with two balls
SWEETJAZZY414:     no u get it through your u-g-l-y head u would never be better than her ever
CIevngrI:     You all should get together and commit a mass suicide in Aalyiah's name.
CIevngrI:     THAT would be awesome.
CIevngrI:     WHOA, who ever said i was better than her??
CIevngrI:     I just think it's cool that she died.
CIevngrI:     :D
SWEETJAZZY414:     no u commit suicide because u r u-g-l-y
AaliyahPartII:     no one did anythin to your ass
CIevngrI:     and left all you little skanks in a sad sad wallowing slump of shit.
Aaliyah sexybabe:     you eat shit bitch
CIevngrI:     are you little girls tuckered out or what?
AaliyahPartII:     you are somethin else you think that god isn't lookin ate they way you talk about her angels... you gonna get it
CIevngrI:     lmfao
CIevngrI:     lololololol
AaliyahPartII:     dumd ass 12 year old
CIevngrI:     dumb ass 12 year olds?......girl, you need new material, stop jocking my shit .
CIevngrI:     anyhow, i'm bored with you 8 year olds....i'm out