AC's Parts
by John

OoLiLShOrTeY12oO:  hey how old are yew?
I g0tti l:  15
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: do u gotta  gurlfriend
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: ?
I g0tti l: no do u
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: ya mean bf?
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: no
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: i used to but i dumped him
I g0tti l: how come
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: cuz he was so gay!!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: wait do u have a picture?
I g0tti l: yesh do u
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: nope i dunt hab a scanner..let em c ur picture!
I g0tti l:  hol on 
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: kk
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: is dat wut yew looked lyke now or when u were a baby?
I g0tti l: thas me now
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: haha..yeah rite
I g0tti l: its my skewl pickture
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: eww..not ah!
I g0tti l: i have arbinitis
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: really?
I g0tti l: yesh
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: aww...
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: hope u feel betta!
I g0tti l: me tew
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: wutz ur naym?
I g0tti l: gordon
I g0tti l: whus urs?
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: o myns seung
I g0tti l: nize to meat u  swing
I g0tti l: seung
I g0tti l: surry
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: itz aite
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: datz so sad..!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: did u hab it eva since yew were born?
I g0tti l: yesh i was born wif no feet or elbows
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: awww!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: nah uh! ur liein ! fer real! i dunt think dere is even such a disease lyke dat!
I g0tti l: y wood i ly bout it
I g0tti l: u r mean
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: o im sorry!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: i told my friend n she thought u were liein!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: im sorrie..i didnt mean to hurt ur feelins!
I g0tti l: itz ok
I g0tti l: peeple ulwayz make fun of me
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: datz not nice! dey wouldnt lyke it if they had it either!
I g0tti l: i no it makes me want to punch em in the nose, but i dont have anything below my elbows sept plastic
I g0tti l: so i kant
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: AwwW! ur gonna make me cry!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: jus ignore dem assholes!
I g0tti l: im sorry
I g0tti l: dont kry
I g0tti l: i kry enuff for miselve
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: dunt feel to bad!
  I g0tti l: i understand
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: how do yaz type?
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: dus ur mom help yew?
I g0tti l: i  use my lil plastic fingers
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: ouch!
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: sorry i feel so rude askin u all dese personal questions!
I g0tti l: it dont hurt they have no feeling in em
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: ill stop
I g0tti l: its ok
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: lol
I g0tti l: do u know who ac green is
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: no
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: y?
I g0tti l: hes a professional basketballs playor
I g0tti l: adn hes my friend
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: lyke u met him in person?
I g0tti l: yesh he comes to my house wheneffer he kan
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: o koooL!
I g0tti l: yess hes a nice man
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: o awsum
I g0tti l: ok i have to go my momy has to oil my parts
I g0tti l: so i dont rust up
I g0tti l: id was nize talking to yew
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: aite
OoLiLShOrTeY12oO: bye
I g0tti l: byerz