The Cheap Hooker
by Clev

Caddie1man:    hello
IAintNoChiknHed:    HI
IAintNoChiknHed:    WHAT DO YOU WANT
Caddie1man:    what race r u
IAintNoChiknHed:    white
Caddie1man:    ive been try ng to talk to you but my computer is acting up
Caddie1man:    but the way you say want i want dam what i do to you
Caddie1man:    anyway how are you
IAintNoChiknHed:    good, thanks.
Caddie1man:    you like blackmen
IAintNoChiknHed:    sure
Caddie1man:    am i bothering you
IAintNoChiknHed:    no
Caddie1man:    how old are you
IAintNoChiknHed:    39
Caddie1man:    you party
IAintNoChiknHed:    yes, with my 4 children
Caddie1man:    a older ladie thata a first
Caddie1man:    married 
IAintNoChiknHed:    4 times....but i decided marriage isn't for me, especially for my line of work
Caddie1man:    and what is that
Caddie1man:    you do for work
IAintNoChiknHed:    well, i tried being a police officer, a neuro surgeon and a psychologist....but none of them worked out for me...i didn't make enough money quick enough, so i became a hooker 
Caddie1man:    kool
IAintNoChiknHed:    yes, i love my job.
IAintNoChiknHed:    it's very stimulating
Caddie1man:    so you find alot of dates on here
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh yes.....some men even fly in from places like florida and nebraska to see me.....i find that the idaho boys are the most fun
IAintNoChiknHed:    ...and pay the best.
IAintNoChiknHed:    but i don't charge very much
Caddie1man:    kool
Caddie1man:    how much
Caddie1man:    ;-)
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh, the most i charge a night is $20....good gas money
Caddie1man:    kool
IAintNoChiknHed:    it's only $2 an hour
Caddie1man:    and four kids
IAintNoChiknHed:    yeah, one with each husband that i had.
Caddie1man:    got a pic
IAintNoChiknHed:    no, i'm sorry
Caddie1man:    what you look like
IAintNoChiknHed:    i'm about 5'4", blonde hair hazel eyes, 188lbs
IAintNoChiknHed:    IAintNoChiknHed: i'm about 5'4", blonde hair hazel eyes, 188lbs 
Caddie1man:    kool
IAintNoChiknHed:    yeah, thanks
Caddie1man:    where you live
IAintNoChiknHed:    in the marana projects, you??
Caddie1man:    eastside
IAintNoChiknHed:    word
Caddie1man:    you got a number
IAintNoChiknHed:    yes, my favorite is 8, what about you?
Caddie1man:    now your being stupid peace
IAintNoChiknHed:    :O  how am i being stupid?
IAintNoChiknHed:    you want a number of the men i've slept with??..what?
Caddie1man:    do you got a phone number
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh, no, i can't afford a phone bill
Caddie1man:    so how you set up dates
IAintNoChiknHed:    this thing, or local bars....or the guys i get with recommend me to their friends.
Caddie1man:    i want my di-- sucked
IAintNoChiknHed:    that's nice..i don't do that.
Caddie1man:    pu----
IAintNoChiknHed:    i have a virgin mouth
Caddie1man:    let me open it
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh, you probably shouldn't.
Caddie1man:    i want some ass
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh, i don't get it up the ass either.
Caddie1man:    i want some pu--
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh, i'm a virgin
Caddie1man:    go play with someoneelse
Caddie1man:    bye kid
IAintNoChiknHed:    kid? :O
IAintNoChiknHed:    you're very should relax.
IAintNoChiknHed:    ....i could help you with that for a low low SPECIAL cost of only $5
Caddie1man:    how
IAintNoChiknHed:    well, what do you like to eat? 
Caddie1man:    pu---
IAintNoChiknHed:    ....what?
Caddie1man:    what you got between your legs
IAintNoChiknHed:    well i haven't anything between my legs, ...not anything called a pu--- i don't know what that is! :O
IAintNoChiknHed:    are you done talking to me? :*(