Chicken In A Bisket
Title Suggested by Renee

LICKNBITES72:    whats good
rickdontlikeyou:    Chicken in a Biskits.
LICKNBITES72:    aight  
LICKNBITES72:    age  
rickdontlikeyou:    I'm twenty two.
LICKNBITES72:    aight you got a flick  
rickdontlikeyou:    not for you.
LICKNBITES72:    y not  
rickdontlikeyou:    <shrug> I guess I really don't have a good reason.
LICKNBITES72:    aight  
LICKNBITES72:    describe ur self  
rickdontlikeyou:    I don't want to talk with you.  You're too difficult.
LICKNBITES72:    alrigfht 1
rickdontlikeyou:    eh, sorry.  that was mean.
rickdontlikeyou:    Are you female?  How old are you?
LICKNBITES72:    nah 23
LICKNBITES72:    i'm a guy  
rickdontlikeyou:    Then why do you want my pic?
rickdontlikeyou:    I mean if you're gay I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but I'm straight.
LICKNBITES72:    then say something in the first place or put something in ur profile nigga  
LICKNBITES72:    i ain't gay  
rickdontlikeyou:    I don't put my profile up there for you.
rickdontlikeyou:    0