Clev's Internet Boyfriend
by Clev

IAintNoChiknHed:    do you want to be my internet boyfriend?
XPaplCHuLo69X:    how u get my s\n?
IAintNoChiknHed:    IAintNoChiknHed: do you want to be my internet boyfriend? 
XPaplCHuLo69X:    ?
IAintNoChiknHed:    oh, because you're in a chatroom
IAintNoChiknHed:    but you're talking out of turn.
XPaplCHuLo69X:    k
IAintNoChiknHed:    you answer my preguntas, i answer yours.
IAintNoChiknHed:    you first.
XPaplCHuLo69X:    pix?
IAintNoChiknHed:    whoa're being very unfair
IAintNoChiknHed:    you're hurting your internet girlfriends' feelings... ~~~>  :*(  that's me crying

Part 2