A Guide To Copy And Pasting

Dthrwbckkd:  how do u do that shit?
rickdontlikeyou:  Do what shit?
Dthrwbckkd:  puttins ppls sn where u are supposed to be talking
rickdontlikeyou:  It's a special program.
rickdontlikeyou:  want me to send it to you?
Dthrwbckkd:  yes
rickdontlikeyou:  Ok sent
Dthrwbckkd:  ty, where do i find it at
rickdontlikeyou:  oh my bad, let me send again
Dthrwbckkd:  ok
Dthrwbckkd:  ty

At this point, I actually really did send him bo2k. But then my annoying conscience got to me, so I quickly unsent it.

rickdontlikeyou:  actually the program isn't working
rickdontlikeyou:  but if you want I can tell you the keyboard trick.
Dthrwbckkd:  ok
rickdontlikeyou:  Here's what you do.  You click on the screen name of the person you want to get the screen name of.
rickdontlikeyou:  then you click the start button in the lower lefthand corner of your screen
rickdontlikeyou:  then you pick "run"
Dthrwbckkd:  ty
rickdontlikeyou:  hold up
rickdontlikeyou:  i'm not done yet
Dthrwbckkd:  ok
rickdontlikeyou:  then in that box you type "regedit"
rickdontlikeyou:  and hit ok.  tell me when you're at that step.
Dthrwbckkd:  ok, brb
Dthrwbckkd:  ok, im there
rickdontlikeyou:  ok, do you see something that says "hkey_local_machine?"
Dthrwbckkd:  yes
rickdontlikeyou:  ok, right click on that
rickdontlikeyou:  and select "permissions"
rickdontlikeyou:  are you there yet?
Dthrwbckkd:  i dont see the permissions part
rickdontlikeyou:  ooh, that's ok, you must be on an older version of windows.
rickdontlikeyou:  what version of windows are you on?  do you know?
Dthrwbckkd:  me
rickdontlikeyou:  ok, then all you have to do is hold press "cntrl + alt + delete" really fast on your keyboard. 
rickdontlikeyou:  but make sure you clicked hkey root once
Dthrwbckkd:  ok
Dthrwbckkd:  is that all
rickdontlikeyou:  yep, but you have to make sure that you clicked hkey
Dthrwbckkd:  ok, ty

In a few minutes:

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