MattJS17:    i wanna nude pic
rickdontlikeyou:    no, you took too long!!!!!
MattJS17:    i had to do something do my stupid dad sorry
MattJS17:    can i have the pic sweety sorry i was gone
rickdontlikeyou:    no, i don't like to be told to wait.
MattJS17:    i couldnt help it my dads disabled   
MattJS17:    i didnt want u to wait
rickdontlikeyou:    ew your dad's disabled?
rickdontlikeyou:    you're a cripple?
rickdontlikeyou:    ew
MattJS17:    no im not my dad
rickdontlikeyou:    ok, I will send you a preview are nice so far.
MattJS17:    ok
MattJS17:    thanx  
rickdontlikeyou:    Sent.
rickdontlikeyou:    IT WAS AT A PLAY!