Def Jam

Miztaphryyze21:  u r for real
CallMeRomeorRick:  definitely . ..I am on def jam
Miztaphryyze21:  u a rapper
CallMeRomeorRick:  Yes.. .but I do a lot of different things
Miztaphryyze21:  watz ya rap name
CallMeRomeorRick:  mc spank

. ..i'm still kinda small time.
Miztaphryyze21:  u eva work wit dmx,russel
CallMeRomeorRick:  naw. . .but I hung out with dmx once
CallMeRomeorRick:  he let me get him some cofee
Miztaphryyze21:  wat do u do then
CallMeRomeorRick:  i rap mostly on def jams children records
Miztaphryyze21:  wat those
CallMeRomeorRick:  like ...barny songs turned into rap
CallMeRomeorRick:  i'm d0pe at it.
Miztaphryyze21:  ok
CallMeRomeorRick:  i hope to someday get Jigga on one of my pokemon tracks
CallMeRomeorRick:  shit's hot
Miztaphryyze21:  how old r u
CallMeRomeorRick:  21
Miztaphryyze21:  do u produce rappers  
CallMeRomeorRick:  i have before. ..but pufffy threatened me cause i was working on one of his niggaz tracks and he said it was so wack that if i ever made a beat again he'd kick my ass
Miztaphryyze21:  dont be scared of puff he gonna be in jail anyways
CallMeRomeorRick:  yeah. ..but puff beat down hella people.  I don't need that type of heat
Miztaphryyze21:  i no
Miztaphryyze21:  do u no the address for rappers to send demos to
CallMeRomeorRick:  they got a po box
CallMeRomeorRick:  let me look for it
Miztaphryyze21:  wat iz it
Miztaphryyze21:  do they got a numba
CallMeRomeorRick:  naw. .no number for demos
Miztaphryyze21:  did u find the po box
CallMeRomeorRick:  i'm lookin dogg
Miztaphryyze21:  aiight
CallMeRomeorRick:  Def Jam Scouting
PO Box # 54210948
New York, New York 00917
Miztaphryyze21:  do they have a numba for like info or shit like dat
CallMeRomeorRick:  naw. . .too many scrubs calling up
CallMeRomeorRick:  Hey what type of music you make?
Miztaphryyze21:  rap
CallMeRomeorRick:  oh . ..really?
CallMeRomeorRick:  you might have a tough time getting in
Miztaphryyze21:  dmx is my favorite
Miztaphryyze21:  y
CallMeRomeorRick:  because of all the rap dram, all the labels are cutting back on rappers they're going to sign this year
CallMeRomeorRick:  can you do gospel?
Miztaphryyze21:  not really
CallMeRomeorRick:  type a freestyle about jesus quick, dogg
Miztaphryyze21:  i cant think rite now
CallMeRomeorRick:  aww. .allright man
Miztaphryyze21:  ill think of 1 tho
CallMeRomeorRick:  you gotta be quick though. .if this was simmons on the other line he'd already be throwing your tape away
Miztaphryyze21:  im not good at rappin a bout jesus
CallMeRomeorRick:  why not . ..hasn't jesus done a lot for you?
Miztaphryyze21:  ya
CallMeRomeorRick:  well have some respect dogg
CallMeRomeorRick:  X spits about jesus all the time
Miztaphryyze21:  through thik and thin he been dere 4 me through good and bad he ben dere for me now its time to see who i speak his name is god hed neva ben frod and neva ova sod any1 thats why hes our ruler and aint no1 bettathats y i rite him dis letta
CallMeRomeorRick:  damn  
CallMeRomeorRick:  that sucks
CallMeRomeorRick:  you're going ot hell.
Miztaphryyze21:  told u i rime betta bout my life and struggle no dis respect to jesus
CallMeRomeorRick:  oh all right man.
CallMeRomeorRick:  well, you work on that demo
CallMeRomeorRick:  and pray a whole lot
CallMeRomeorRick:  and take all your vitamins
Miztaphryyze21:  aiight told u thoi no
Miztaphryyze21:  iment to rite tho
CallMeRomeorRick:  all right dogg . ..good luck
Miztaphryyze21:  peace i put u on my buddy list aiight
CallMeRomeorRick:  all right
Miztaphryyze21:  1
CallMeRomeorRick:  one