FairmontFreak41:    Hey
rickdontlikeyou:    HEY WHAT'S UP
FairmontFreak41:    a/s/l
rickdontlikeyou:    17/f/CA
FairmontFreak41:    cool
FairmontFreak41:    14/m/wv Here
rickdontlikeyou:    LOL 14, HOW RAD
rickdontlikeyou:    R U A VIRGIN?
FairmontFreak41:    yeah
rickdontlikeyou:    KICK ASS
rickdontlikeyou:    DO U HAVE A GF?
FairmontFreak41:    no
rickdontlikeyou:    0
rickdontlikeyou:    Y NOT??
rickdontlikeyou:    R U FAT?
FairmontFreak41:    no
FairmontFreak41:    i am skinny
FairmontFreak41:    do you have a pic
rickdontlikeyou:    O RAD
rickdontlikeyou:    YES I DO !!!
FairmontFreak41:    send urs
rickdontlikeyou:    BUT PROMISE U R NOT FAT
FairmontFreak41:    i am not
FairmontFreak41:    i promise
FairmontFreak41:    i am 120
rickdontlikeyou:    ON GOD?
FairmontFreak41:    yeah
FairmontFreak41:    i am 120
FairmontFreak41:    i think 125
FairmontFreak41:    now
FairmontFreak41:    but skinny
rickdontlikeyou:    SAY "I AM NOT FAT ON GOD"
FairmontFreak41:    say i am not fat on god
rickdontlikeyou:    LOL Y R U ON GOD? ?? SILLY GOOSE
rickdontlikeyou:    R U RELIGIOUS?
FairmontFreak41:    lol
FairmontFreak41:    no
rickdontlikeyou:    I WILL SEND MY PIX
FairmontFreak41:    ok
FairmontFreak41:    you do that
rickdontlikeyou:    AOL IS NOT LETTING U SEND EMBEDDED FILES RIGHT NOW [which actually was true]
rickdontlikeyou:    SRY
FairmontFreak41:    yeah it is
FairmontFreak41:    you lie
rickdontlikeyou:    NO IT IS NOT
rickdontlikeyou:    YOU CALLING ME A LIAR?
rickdontlikeyou:    YOU R FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FairmontFreak41:    no
rickdontlikeyou:    FATTY
FairmontFreak41:    no i am not  
rickdontlikeyou:    FATTIE FAT FATT
FairmontFreak41:    i am 120
rickdontlikeyou:    DONT CALL ME A LIAR U FATTY
rickdontlikeyou:    YA AN UR R 3 FOOT TALL LOL
FairmontFreak41:    no
FairmontFreak41:    actually i am brown hair and hazel eyes
FairmontFreak41:    5'9 120
rickdontlikeyou:    HOW DARE U CALL ME A LIAR U TARD
rickdontlikeyou:    SHUT UP
rickdontlikeyou:    U ARE 3'11
FairmontFreak41:    listen baby
rickdontlikeyou:    AND 500 LBS
FairmontFreak41:    no
FairmontFreak41:    i am not
rickdontlikeyou:    YES
rickdontlikeyou:    ARE 2
FairmontFreak41:    then fine dont believe me
FairmontFreak41:    bye
rickdontlikeyou:    FINE U HOBOSACK
rickdontlikeyou:    FATTY FAT FAT HOBO SACK
FairmontFreak41:    will you believe me
rickdontlikeyou:    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
rickdontlikeyou:    IT'S DINNER TIME FATTY
rickdontlikeyou:    U'D BETTER GO GET UR STEAK
FairmontFreak41:    SHUT UP  
rickdontlikeyou:    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    I sent the convo to people in the chat and the subject was "I wanted to add "ding ding ding it's the ice cream truck"". .  then, all of a sudden, he came in. . .

OnlineHost:     FairmontFreak41 has entered the room.
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     ;,ap
FairmontFreak41:     Sup Girls
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     ding
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     ding
rickdontlikeyou:     FAIRMON IS A FATTY FAT FAT
Hopewell22:     girls with pics, send here
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     whats that
SHEL sa QT:     tia
FairmontFreak41:     SHUT UP
Griffin535:     ladies if you have a pic press 5
Djking011:     yes
OnlineHost:     Iets do it now has left the room.
FairmontFreak41:     i am 5'9 120
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     lmao
Iatyna xIx:     yessum?
rickdontlikeyou:     HE IS LYING
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     u ethopiean
rickdontlikeyou:     HE IS 4 11
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     u need to go to the red cross
rickdontlikeyou:     AND 300 LBS
SHEL sa QT:     any cute guys in here?
Darkmaster69x has entered the room.
AKa JoHnNy BoY:     and get a iv of lard before ur frail body breaks on u
Iatyna xIx:     lmao rick.. thnk u for makin me laff..