MCorleone26:  OZ sucks
Inmate 97P904:  and I could care less about your opinion but thanks for wasting your time
MCorleone26:  are you a federal inmate?
Inmate 97P904:  yes we now have computers with internet access in our cells
MCorleone26:  where are u "stationed"?
Inmate 97P904:  we are not really going to have this conversation are we?
MCorleone26:  well why not?
MCorleone26:  i like criminals
Inmate 97P904:  Ok, maybe you can be a pen pal to those on death row and be their little ray of sunshine
MCorleone26:  why areu so bitter?
Inmate 97P904:  you are the on IMing me saying "OZ Sucks" but yet I am bitter...tell me is your father in prison? Is that why you act this way?
MCorleone26:  I hate cops
Inmate 97P904:  you hate cops, you hate oz. Do you hate your father for being in prison? does thinking about him there make you cry?
Inmate 97P904:  tell me
MCorleone26:  my dad isn't in prison.  but i don't like him cause he likes cops
Inmate 97P904:  does he more then "like" cops?
MCorleone26:  no no..he just likes them and the governemtn and all..and I says he's just weak for it and likes it cause he's rich and doesn't care about the poor people who are victimized by them and sent to prison
Inmate 97P904:  well maybe you should go and do something BAD like kill a rich old man, then maybe he would care about the people in prison instead of the cops? huh huh?? Good idea, no?
MCorleone26:  no..why not get rich myself and make him mad by paying every cop killer $25,000 in defense fees when they are accused of it?
Inmate 97P904:  well it's good to see you have goals! we need more in america like you. You like little children?
MCorleone26:  like them in what way?
Inmate 97P904:  any way
Inmate 97P904:  That is sick
MCorleone26:  okay good
Inmate 97P904:  why would you think of sick things like that!!
Inmate 97P904:  did your father hurt you when you were little?
MCorleone26:  yea I like little children..but too many people focus on children and not adults, who were once children.  I feel its not always an inmates fault for what he did..and that growing up in different circumstances he woulnd't be in prison
MCorleone26:  and I especially disapprove of politicians insulting criminals and getting tougher laws for people accused of crimes when they never experienced harsh conditions and were nurtured and loved as a child
Inmate 97P904:  so since Jeffery Dahmer had an inferiority complex and was afraid of abandonment it was OK for him to eat people?
Inmate 97P904:  just because he was left alone when he was growing up?
MCorleone26:  I didn't say that they shouldn't be punished..but we're quick to judge them harshly and give them no mercy instead of looking at what they went through
Inmate 97P904:  OK, so you don't believe in an eye for an eye?
Inmate 97P904:  that makes baby jesus cry when you don't
MCorleone26:  well..actualy thats against Jesus' teaching.  i hope these police oficers and politicians aren't Christians..cause one of the ten commandments sates that no one should worhip gods above me, and if you shoulnd't worhsip gods, then you CERTAINTLY shouldn't act like a God and think you can put people, who are equal to you, in prison.  what gives you that right?
Inmate 97P904:  you didn't answer me
Inmate 97P904:  please don't make him hurts my heart
MCorleone26:  make who cry
Inmate 97P904:  Jesus
MCorleone26:  i'm not making him cry
Inmate 97P904:  yes, he just IMd me and said so
MCorleone26:  now your getting weird
Inmate 97P904:  Baby Jesus:   I am crying now
Inmate 97P904:  : (
Inmate 97P904:  why am I weird?
Inmate 97P904:  cause Jesus talks to me?
MCorleone26:  look what u just wrote.  i wanted you to be a cop and governemtn hating hard-core federal prisoner
Inmate 97P904:  and I am not hard-core because I love Jesus?
Inmate 97P904:  !
Inmate 97P904:  may god have mercy on your soul!!
MCorleone26:  well you have a point there
Inmate 97P904:  I think you need to pray and ask baby Jesus for your forgiveness
MCorleone26:  will do.
Inmate 97P904:  Ok, god bless you, goodnight! 
MCorleone26:  why goodnight?
Inmate 97P904:  cause you said I am not hard core cause I love Jesus.
MCorleone26:  thats not are hard core..your tougher than any cop
MCorleone26:  sure a cop can u put you in the cell..but could he do the time? no way!
Inmate 97P904:  CAN I GET A AMEN!!
MCorleone26:  are you black?
Inmate 97P904:  Jesus was a black man, did you know that?
MCorleone26:  I did read that back then almost all Hebrews were black..
Inmate 97P904:  Amen...the white man is the one who brought Jesus down
Inmate 97P904:  brotha would still be here
Inmate 97P904:  if it were not for the white man
MCorleone26:  who cares if he was black though!  you and I are both brothers
Inmate 97P904:  and your mother is my sister!
MCorleone26:  I see a brother when I see you..not black
MCorleone26:  thats right!  your daddy is my brother!
Inmate 97P904:  you are my uncle??!!
Inmate 97P904:  Bob, is that you?
MCorleone26:  lol, your funny.  hey when do get out?
Inmate 97P904:  I get out in 5 years if I am good
Inmate 97P904:  well, I will be up for parole
MCorleone26:  be good, sir!
Inmate 97P904:  I will try! :D
MCorleone26:  I'll pray for you.  whats your name
Inmate 97P904:  Rick
MCorleone26:  i'm Michael
MCorleone26:  what crime did THE Man accuse you of?
Inmate 97P904:  Murder
Inmate 97P904:  2 counts of 1st degree
MCorleone26:  how long have you been in there?
Inmate 97P904:  6 months
MCorleone26:  why would u get out in 5 years for two murders?  weren't you given life?
Inmate 97P904:  No, they people I killed were homless, so they prolly didn't have much longer to live any ways. They figured I did them a favor.
Inmate 97P904:  So they let me off kinda easy
oh they didn't say that in court
Inmate 97P904:  No, but the Judge is my brother in law so he hooked me up
MCorleone26:  lol, your so full of it!  a judge can't preside over a family member.
Inmate 97P904:  well, if you don't tell anyone I won't ;)
Inmate 97P904:  well I have to go, 15 min. till lock down. Stay cool brotha!