in you are but what im i
by Jennie: 

EddieElectrical:    a girl talk to me baby im dyin for your love
Jennie:  lmao.
Jennie:  you know there's like
Jennie:  19837491834 girls in that room
Jennie:  who are single?
EddieElectrical:    but you beautiful
EddieElectrical:    yup
EddieElectrical:    u
Jennie:  when my profile says
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  moron.
Jennie:  how do you know I am beautiful?
EddieElectrical:    dam it slike that
Jennie:  I haven't even sent you a pic.
EddieElectrical:    because u is
Jennie:  lmao.
EddieElectrical:    what u aint
EddieElectrical:    is that it
Jennie:  rofl
EddieElectrical:    u ugly quit playin
Jennie:  I am!
Jennie:  I'm ugly.
Jennie:  go away.
EddieElectrical:    u got be good
EddieElectrical:    dont plat with my emotions
EddieElectrical:    play*
Jennie:  I'm ugly! hurry and leave me alone before you catch my disease.
EddieElectrical:    \dam alrigght its like that
EddieElectrical:    we could of been somthin
Jennie:  hurry!
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
EddieElectrical:    but i love you girl
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
EddieElectrical:    yes we could
Jennie:  .......
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
Jennie:  Jennie: +chris <333
EddieElectrical:    im cryin i miss my baby
Jennie:  what baby
EddieElectrical:    dont leave me girl
Jennie:  what are you talking about
Jennie:  you fool
Jennie:  HAHA
Jennie:  omg this is great.
EddieElectrical:    know you the fool i loved you
Jennie:  LMAO
EddieElectrical:    we had somthin
Jennie:  lol, okai
Jennie:  if you say so.
EddieElectrical:    we could bin togehter
Jennie:  NO
Jennie:  cause I would have said no and then killed you.
EddieElectrical:    yeah now im werein you down girl
Jennie:  lmfaoooooo
EddieElectrical:    you know i am
EddieElectrical:    quit playin
Jennie:  ....
EddieElectrical:    ah is that a smile i sense
Jennie:  okai I have a question for you.
EddieElectrical:    yup it si
EddieElectrical:    kool shot
EddieElectrical:    i ment shoot
EddieElectrical:    baby we in love
EddieElectrical:    dont you remeber
Jennie:  lmmfaoroflmmfaorlf
Jennie:  wlkdcjlwkdcjwldkj
EddieElectrical:    she forgot today was our first hour anaversary
Jennie:  lmmfao
EddieElectrical:    you didnt by me nothin
Jennie:  dude,
Jennie:  lmfao.
EddieElectrical:    so you wanna kick it or what
Jennie:  no, I want you to leave me alone.
EddieElectrical:    fuck cris
EddieElectrical:    hes got a little one
Jennie:  chris * and yes, I will.
Jennie:  uhm LMAO !!!
EddieElectrical:    i got what you need right here
Jennie:  sure.
Jennie:  omg
Jennie:  SHUT UP
Jennie:  GO AWAY
Jennie:  DIE
Jennie:  PLEASE
EddieElectrical:    in you are but what im i
Jennie:  WHAT?!
Jennie:  lmfao
EddieElectrical:    ha ha
EddieElectrical:    bye you sexy ass bitch
Jennie:  die you loser ass moron.
EddieElectrical:    i mean it 
Jennie:  I mean it too!
EddieElectrical:    your one sexy bitch
EddieElectrical:    god your a hootttie
Jennie:  uh huh.
Jennie:  and how did you come up with the evidence for this information?
EddieElectrical:    no nananan
Jennie:  ....
EddieElectrical:    because im physcic
Jennie:  dude, it would be a lot easier to degrade you if I could understand your english.
EddieElectrical:    i can see you right now
Jennie:  sure you can.
EddieElectrical:    hey my english is ok dude
EddieElectrical:    yeah yur thinkin about me
EddieElectrical:    and mess with your self
EddieElectrical:    j/k
EddieElectrical:    bye now
Jennie:  uh huh
Jennie:  die now
EddieElectrical:    buh bye
EddieElectrical:    you to sweetie have a nice death bi&*$&
Jennie:  bitch *
Jennie:  [=
EddieElectrical:    shut spic
Jennie:  spic?
Jennie:  I'm not mexican.
EddieElectrical:    border jumper
Jennie:  LMAO
EddieElectrical:    i dont care
EddieElectrical:    im mexican
Jennie:  you're just sad cause I told you to die.
EddieElectrical:    your pr
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  I'm not puerto rican.
EddieElectrical:    puerto rican
EddieElectrical:    whatsare you 
Jennie:  I'm white. I thought you would know that seeing as how I'm SOOO HOT and you can see me this very minute.
EddieElectrical:    oh yeah
EddieElectrical:    so i forgot
Jennie:  silly you!
Jennie:  leave me alone dude.
EddieElectrical:    tricks are 4 kids
EddieElectrical:    hey i already bounce chick
EddieElectrical:    you got pics
Jennie:  GO AWAY
Jennie:  SHUT UP
EddieElectrical:    beaner
Jennie:  yes I have pics, but you're not going to see them.
EddieElectrical:    honky
Jennie:  lol, yep. I'm such a beaner.
EddieElectrical:    you wanna see mine
Jennie:  NO, I don't.
EddieElectrical:    white bread
EddieElectrical:    cracker
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
EddieElectrical:    honkey
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaah
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
EddieElectrical:    like o may god
EddieElectrical:    im like i dumb blond
Jennie:  eddie is offended cause I dissed him!
Jennie:  waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
Jennie:  I'm not a blonde.
Jennie:  thank you very fucking much.
EddieElectrical:    who cvares
EddieElectrical:    not me white trash
EddieElectrical:    tralior park red nek
Jennie:  good. then seeing as how you don't care, it would be no problem for you to go away.
Jennie:  lol, oh yes. I live in a trailer park.
EddieElectrical:    bye now trash
Jennie:  uh huh
EddieElectrical:    honkey hick
Jennie:  yep!
Jennie:  - honkey.
Jennie:  - hick.
Jennie:  - beaner.
Jennie:  - border jumper.
EddieElectrical:    see i already left you keep comin back
Jennie:  - blonde.
Jennie:  - white trash.
Jennie:  - nigger.
EddieElectrical:    hey i m abrunnet
Jennie:  good for you.
EddieElectrical:    you fuck apizza maker
EddieElectrical:    linquini dick
Jennie:  - fucking a pizza maker.
EddieElectrical:    fuckin lugie
Jennie:  lugie?
Jennie:  rofl.
Jennie:  what the hell
EddieElectrical:    you fuckin grease ball
EddieElectrical:    kyte
EddieElectrical:    chinck
EddieElectrical:    nigga 
EddieElectrical:    gorilla
EddieElectrical:    face
Jennie:  - grease ball/nigger/beaner/white trash/border jumper/blonde/chink/gorilla who is fucking a pizza maker.
EddieElectrical:    fuckin italians
EddieElectrical:    spaggit dicks
Jennie:  are you done amusing yourself yet?
EddieElectrical:    spaggitty
EddieElectrical:    yes yes i am
EddieElectrical:    bye
Jennie:  thank you.
EddieElectrical:    bye