Hello Laura
by Clev

IAintNoChiknHed:    Hellooooooo Laura.
IAintNoChiknHed:    I said that like Hannibal said it in "Silence of the Lambs"
IAintNoChiknHed:    pretty funny, ain't it?
Crazymew3:    well--i'm not laura
Crazymew3:    but yeah
IAintNoChiknHed:    Who are you, Crazymew3?
IAintNoChiknHed:    that's insane that your profile says Laura and you're not laura.
IAintNoChiknHed:    that is scary.
IAintNoChiknHed:    you're scary
IAintNoChiknHed:    scary girl.
Crazymew3:    i'm her friend
IAintNoChiknHed:    no...you stalk Laura.
Crazymew3:    where did you go to school
IAintNoChiknHed:    freak
Crazymew3:    i know
IAintNoChiknHed:    school of the hard knocks
IAintNoChiknHed:    you?
IAintNoChiknHed:    Lecter University?
IAintNoChiknHed:    weirdo
IAintNoChiknHed:    stop iming me, you are TOTALLY scary.
Crazymew3:    penispumpers inc.
IAintNoChiknHed:    inc. means incorporated...it has nothing to do with school.
Crazymew3:    it was a school
IAintNoChiknHed:    so i know you're lying.
IAintNoChiknHed:    freaky liar.
Crazymew3:    why does yours say amanda--are you alesbian>?
Crazymew3:    grosss
IAintNoChiknHed:    no scary
Crazymew3:    weird and gross
Crazymew3:    lesbians suck
IAintNoChiknHed:    i'm not a lesbian freaky.
IAintNoChiknHed:    ARE YOU?!
IAintNoChiknHed:    because that's gross.
IAintNoChiknHed:    i'm not down with that.
Crazymew3:    why are you even talking to me then
Crazymew3:    amanda
IAintNoChiknHed:    you're not "Laura" remember?
Crazymew3:    leave  and be gone
IAintNoChiknHed:    even if you ARE ...that's probably not even your real name.
IAintNoChiknHed:    do you have cats?
Crazymew3:    why do you ask
IAintNoChiknHed:    answer my question Hannible Lecter