This has to be one of the strangest motards I've ever heard of. I'm glad I didn't see him myself, It would've traumatized me horribly.

AZJJLM: well lg u called me dumb why is that no one was talking to u
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: oh my god.. GO AWAY
AZJJLM: whats ur prob why u call me dumb lg
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: why do u care moron
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: you're proving me right
AZJJLM: why do u put ur lg where its not to be lg
AZJJLM: so what r u 14 15 playing with dolls
AZJJLM: cant hang when u start a game lg i see
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: that's right.. now go away..
AZJJLM: dont bother me again lg
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: youre the one bothering me.. NOW DIE..thanks..
AZJJLM: lg dont bother me again ur mommy needs to feed u and ur dolls
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: you're pretty funny there..
AZJJLM: truth hurts u think lg u can just call people names and we cant talk back now lg go to sleep its late for u
Oo PhAnTaSiE oO: You are seriously the most retarded person I've ever talked to online..
AZJJLM: am i lg or am i just comming back at u and u dont like it
AZJJLM: dont cry lg