My AOL Wife

5/10/01 5:00 am. . .I was chattin in the Tucson room, and I got this IM.

PMUE21:    your not married but married to your towel
CallMeRomeorRick:    uh...yeah.
PMUE21:    where are you from
CallMeRomeorRick:    from tha hood y0
PMUE21:    yea right where are you feally from
CallMeRomeorRick:    i rep tha lbc y0 fo sho 213
PMUE21:    tell me your realy from or im breaking up
CallMeRomeorRick:    i'm from bisbee.
PMUE21:    az or nd
CallMeRomeorRick:    az
PMUE21:    how can our relationship start
CallMeRomeorRick:    oh i don't know...what do you want to do?
PMUE21:    no it's up to you
CallMeRomeorRick:    ok, let's go on a date@!!!
PMUE21:    ok what do you want me to wear
CallMeRomeorRick:    a purple mink coat
CallMeRomeorRick:    with a nice bracelet
CallMeRomeorRick:    and a blue dress
CallMeRomeorRick:    with pearls
CallMeRomeorRick:    and go go boots
PMUE21:    do you sleep alot except at night
CallMeRomeorRick:    no, not really.
CallMeRomeorRick:    i just do a lot of tweak
CallMeRomeorRick:    it keeps me awake
PMUE21:    i have school but i will be home at 3:00
CallMeRomeorRick:    ok....have fun...and tell everyone about me!!!

5/10/01 3:30, I woke up after a brief sleep.  I barely remembered the person in time.

PMUE21:the baby is fine 
CallMeRomeorRick: the what?
CallMeRomeorRick: is who?
PMUE21: you wanted to have a child
CallMeRomeorRick: uh...ok.
PMUE21: so how are you
CallMeRomeorRick: OOOOOOH YEAH
CallMeRomeorRick: sorry, I just woke up
CallMeRomeorRick: i'm fine...I didn't know you you were pregnant yet.
CallMeRomeorRick: i thought that ocular sex didn't cause pregnancy
PMUE21: my sister is here right beside me she's the one that's pregnant
CallMeRomeorRick: WOW!!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: i swear we didn't do anything
CallMeRomeorRick: we were drunk
PMUE21: how old are you again
CallMeRomeorRick: i am 18
PMUE21: kiss me as i fall
CallMeRomeorRick: ok...
PMUE21: talk sexy
CallMeRomeorRick: meowwwwwwwwww
CallMeRomeorRick: wooooooof
CallMeRomeorRick: woof woof
CallMeRomeorRick: grrrrrrrr
CallMeRomeorRick: eeeeeooeeeeeooo
CallMeRomeorRick: ahe he he
CallMeRomeorRick: OW
CallMeRomeorRick: oooo
PMUE21: wait
CallMeRomeorRick: ok
PMUE21: wanna prtend were in high school
CallMeRomeorRick: all right!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: ::gets on the swings::
PMUE21: how can we start
CallMeRomeorRick: we can ride the swings!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: HIGHER DADDY!!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: HIGHER!!
PMUE21: they don't have swings in high school
CallMeRomeorRick: alsfjdkljsa
CallMeRomeorRick: they don't???????
CallMeRomeorRick: what the hell???
CallMeRomeorRick: I want to ride the swings!!!!!!!
PMUE21: you can walk in the hall and touch my booty when i get to my locker
CallMeRomeorRick: oooh..ok!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: <walks through the hall all pimpish>
CallMeRomeorRick: <swings arms>
PMUE21: are we in the same classes
CallMeRomeorRick: oh yeah
CallMeRomeorRick: it's gym
CallMeRomeorRick: and I'm doing gymnastics
CallMeRomeorRick: then I walk over
CallMeRomeorRick: and grab your ass
CallMeRomeorRick: and i start jumping up and down and screaming
CallMeRomeorRick: "mooooooooooooooo"
CallMeRomeorRick: "moooooooooooooooooo"
PMUE21: what's our On Line High School called and it would have to make sense like Santna High School is in Santee, California
CallMeRomeorRick: about crenshaw high in crenshaw
CallMeRomeorRick: YO WHATAUP MA
CallMeRomeorRick: U MY BOO GURL
PMUE21: you mean Crenshaw is in Mississippi
CallMeRomeorRick: OH!
CallMeRomeorRick: it is??
CallMeRomeorRick: ok, we'll go to school there
PMUE21: have you seen fights at your school
CallMeRomeorRick: yeah, there's been some nasty fights
CallMeRomeorRick: this one time, this one gang,  the happy rainbows, beat down this one kid from the purple triangles
CallMeRomeorRick: it was sad )****=
CallMeRomeorRick: then i rode the swing!!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
PMUE21: what can we fight over
CallMeRomeorRick: oh...we can fight over...our GI Joes
CallMeRomeorRick: no
CallMeRomeorRick: let's fight over  
CallMeRomeorRick: midterms
CallMeRomeorRick: you're a naughty girl!!
PMUE21: what are you talking about
CallMeRomeorRick: i'm talking about your bad grades
PMUE21: kicks hubby in the private
CallMeRomeorRick: ouch!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: lajlkfj
CallMeRomeorRick: )*==
CallMeRomeorRick: <dies>
PMUE21: wait you should be fighting back
CallMeRomeorRick: you killed me.
CallMeRomeorRick: i'm dead.
PMUE21: i didn't kick you that hard so you can kick, punch me any where
CallMeRomeorRick: <disembowls you>
CallMeRomeorRick: there, now we're even!!
PMUE21: what do you mean disembowls
CallMeRomeorRick: i meant that I gave you a BIG KISS
PMUE21: why give me a kiss we should be fighting
CallMeRomeorRick: i'm a lover
CallMeRomeorRick: not a fighter
CallMeRomeorRick: now gimee brain
PMUE21: why did you grav my butt when i was at my locker
CallMeRomeorRick: because it's so round and firm.
PMUE21: and what else
CallMeRomeorRick: i have tourettes
CallMeRomeorRick: FUCK YOU
CallMeRomeorRick: oops
CallMeRomeorRick: see??
PMUE21: what do you mean
CallMeRomeorRick: i have a disease, where i just randomly do things
CallMeRomeorRick: FUCK YOU!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: sseee?
CallMeRomeorRick: ) =
CallMeRomeorRick: i don't mean to.
PMUE21: kick
CallMeRomeorRick: stop!!!!
CallMeRomeorRick: you're abusing me!!!  
what do you meam
CallMeRomeorRick: this is sexula harassment
CallMeRomeorRick: and i don't have to take it.