Tell Me A Story!

Davidprobu: r u male or female
MyNameIsntRomeo: i am all female baby
Davidprobu: and how do we earn these
MyNameIsntRomeo: tell me a story!
Davidprobu: what kind of story
MyNameIsntRomeo: a story with bunnie
MyNameIsntRomeo: and barbie
Davidprobu: what do u mean can i just trade my pic for it
MyNameIsntRomeo: no, I want a story, dammit.
Davidprobu: r u sure ur 9
MyNameIsntRomeo: well duh.   
Davidprobu: u know child porn is a crime
MyNameIsntRomeo: yeah, but my daddy says it's ok because the government is evil.
MyNameIsntRomeo: now tell me a story!
Davidprobu: ok what kind of story do u want
MyNameIsntRomeo: I told you silly!
MyNameIsntRomeo: i want it about bunnies and barbie.
Davidprobu: barbie was walking in the woods and met a hurt bunny she took it home and made it better the end
MyNameIsntRomeo: what color was the bunnie?
Davidprobu: white
MyNameIsntRomeo: cool!
MyNameIsntRomeo: what was barbie wearing?
Davidprobu: thong and bikini top lol
MyNameIsntRomeo: wow, SEXY...
MyNameIsntRomeo: ok, i'll send you a PREVIEW pic
MyNameIsntRomeo: that was at a school play!
MyNameIsntRomeo: I want another story before you get the NUDE pic...your first story kinda sucked.
Davidprobu: ok what kind
MyNameIsntRomeo: ok...tell me about captain eo and high interest rates!
Davidprobu: well captain eo needed a new suit so he went to his tailor and ordered one well he was told it would be 35% interest he said bull crap
MyNameIsntRomeo: you SWEARED
MyNameIsntRomeo: captain eo doesn't swear.
MyNameIsntRomeo: he's a buddhist.
MyNameIsntRomeo: tell another one, but right this time.
Davidprobu: he flew his way to wall street and kicked everyone of those guys butts and they lowered rates
Davidprobu: he didn't swear
MyNameIsntRomeo: oh o.k.
Davidprobu: is that good
MyNameIsntRomeo: that was sorta good....please one more though??please?? this time about captain eo and Vlade Divac's from the Sacramento kings!
Davidprobu: captain eo went to a kings game and him and vlade got in a fight because he said the kings were sorry they fought a long time but eventually captain eo stuffed the ball up divacs butt
MyNameIsntRomeo: ooooooooooooooooooo mamama!
MyNameIsntRomeo: that was a good story!
Davidprobu: ok
MyNameIsntRomeo: ok, do you want my SPECIAL pic now?
Davidprobu: yea
MyNameIsntRomeo: ok, sent!  <3 <3
Davidprobu: it was blank
MyNameIsntRomeo: really???
MyNameIsntRomeo: let me try again
Davidprobu: yea send again
Davidprobu: that isn't u if u r only 9
Davidprobu: oops my bad
MyNameIsntRomeo: sent!
oh bother!
MyNameIsntRomeo: i sent you the wrong pic again
MyNameIsntRomeo: i'm sorry i mess up a lot.
MyNameIsntRomeo: You want my nude pic, right??
Davidprobu: yea
MyNameIsntRomeo: This is federal agent Robert Wilkens.
MyNameIsntRomeo: You are in violation of congresses internet harassment act of 1999.
MyNameIsntRomeo: Either supply me with your address now, or I'll get it from aol.   
MyNameIsntRomeo: If I get it from aol, though, i'll be quite annoyed.
Davidprobu: i knew this was fake i don't want a nasty 9 year okds pic
MyNameIsntRomeo:  MyNameIsntRomeo: You want my nude pic, right??
Davidprobu: yea  

MyNameIsntRomeo: That's all the evidence I need, son.
MyNameIsntRomeo: You're going down for a long, long time.
MyNameIsntRomeo: Now give me your address.
MyNameIsntRomeo: now!
MyNameIsntRomeo: hello?
Davidprobu: i know ur fake because it says aol peeps never will ask for any personal info
MyNameIsntRomeo: It says aol staff, son.  not federal agents"
MyNameIsntRomeo: That's it though.
MyNameIsntRomeo: You'd better talk to your lawyer.
Davidprobu: stop iming me ok  
MyNameIsntRomeo: You'll be happy to get an IM after getting butt raped in the penn for 5 years.
MyNameIsntRomeo: Don't drop the soap.