tigergurl994: hi....  :)
callmeRICKorROME: hey
tigergurl994: asl?
callmeRICKorROME: I'm twenty-two.  Male.  I'm in arizona.Previous message was not received by tigergurl994 because of error: Error code 3 received from server.
callmeRICKorROME: grr
tigergurl994: 23/f/ny
callmeRICKorROME: stupid error code.
callmeRICKorROME: I"m twenty-two, arizona.
callmeRICKorROME: male.
tigergurl994: so waht are you up to callmerickorrome?
tigergurl994: great! can you jst get it started..
tigergurl994: you wana cyber me! im kinda in the mood if you know what i mean :)
callmeRICKorROME: no thanks.
tigergurl994: so tell me how you would do me! from behind?
callmeRICKorROME: Well, I'd probably be watching TV.
callmeRICKorROME: do you have cable?
tigergurl994: yeah, give it to me from behind sweets
tigergurl994: keep going.. im getting.. you know.. excited
callmeRICKorROME: You'd better have the NBA season package.
tigergurl994: :)
callmeRICKorROME: Otherwise, forget it.
tigergurl994: brb... getting my toy
callmeRICKorROME: I have toys, too.
callmeRICKorROME: <gets out his x-men action figures>
tigergurl994: im back. still there?
tigergurl994: so do you have a big one...?
callmeRICKorROME: naw.
tigergurl994: :)
tigergurl994: good...why dont you drop your pants?
tigergurl994: ... are you stroking it?
callmeRICKorROME: no.
callmeRICKorROME: i'm not wearing pants, i'm wearing boxers.
tigergurl994: :)
tigergurl994: just lounging around in my undies.... u?
tigergurl994: ohh yeah!!! my panties are all wet. i think ill take them off...
callmeRICKorROME: they are making amazing advancements in adult-bladder control liners these days.
tigergurl994: callmerickorrome!!!! put you hard rod in me!!
tigergurl994: dont stop callmerickorrome!! keep going .. Im getting off!!!
callmeRICKorROME: damn.  I'm a stud.
tigergurl994: callmerickorrome send me an email... with a pic maybe... :)
callmeRICKorROME: all right.
tigergurl994: my address is elisabeth@holeinmypants.com. why dont you send me some pics of yourself?
tigergurl994: theres a few pic of me on my homepafge if you want to see what i look like. check out http://www.holeinmypants.com/elisabeth/

callmeRICKorROME: i'm not in the mood to look at a webpage.