I love Call

Ludachris05:    are you a gurl
CallMeRomeorRick:    what in the hell do you think i am ?
CallMeRomeorRick:    why would i have tits if i wasn't a girl?
CallMeRomeorRick:    do you think?
Ludachris05:    sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
CallMeRomeorRick:    what are you going to do to make it up to me??
Ludachris05:    do you hve a pics
Ludachris05:    what do you want he to do
CallMeRomeorRick:    hell yeah...but you dissed me, why should i send them??
CallMeRomeorRick:    I want you to tell the chat that you love call 10 times.
Ludachris05:    if you do i will cyber you
CallMeRomeorRick:    no, I'm mad.  Tell the chat you love call 10 times
Ludachris05:    love what
CallMeRomeorRick:    Call...that's my nickname...it's for Caliente...you know..HOT .
CallMeRomeorRick:    jesus man.
Ludachris05:    Please i sorry you  
CallMeRomeorRick:    Well do what I asked you man.
Ludachris05:    you make me feel horny
CallMeRomeorRick:    type in the chat "I love call" 10 times.
CallMeRomeorRick:    oh do i?
CallMeRomeorRick:    well if you make me happy
CallMeRomeorRick:    I might help you out some.
CallMeRomeorRick:    now type "i love call" in the chat.
CallMeRomeorRick:    NOW!
Ludachris05:    wait
CallMeRomeorRick:    10 times

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