by Veronica

From:    Fuzzynutz108
To:        Veronica

willll u got me in the room u found out who i waz good job [Editors Note: The idiot came in on a different s/n. I found out who he was in about one sentence.] . o thanx for emmbarres me in front of a hole chat room and thanx for makin me the bad guy and thanx for makin everyone hate me and thanx for showing everyone my pic damm itz a good pic expect my penis man fuck that part. but u should man for get it. JUST THANX FOR EVERYTHING U DID FOR ME LAST NITE I REALLY LIKE IT I HAD NOTHIN AGANINT U IN TELL U HAD TO BE KOOL BY ACTING FUNNY IN FRONT OF YOUR FRIENDZ.AND MAKIN ME A FUCKIN 15 YEAR OLD STUPIED THANX ALLOT.=( =( =( =( =(

    I think "w/b" stands for "write back" You'd think after the embarassment he suffered, he'd give up. But, apparently he wants her to write back. Check her response:

her response-->