Villa Con Dios
By 9109, with Jennie and Erica

*In IMs*

ew...gross...this is what he sent offense to my gay readers, but ick.

Houseopenmodem:    thats 4 u friend
Houseopenmodem:    Wanna be my buddy?
Houseopenmodem:    I put you on my buddy list
CallMeRomeorRick:    no, I prefer you departing from this moral coil.
CallMeRomeorRick:    that's nice.
Houseopenmodem:    do you like my pic?
Houseopenmodem:    i know you are a faggot
Houseopenmodem:    sorry
CallMeRomeorRick:    oh yes.  that's me.
Houseopenmodem:    do you like my pic?
Houseopenmodem:    well?
CallMeRomeorRick:    no, I ignored it, mongoloid.
Houseopenmodem:    can you please stop booting me out?
Houseopenmodem:    its called downsyndrome
Houseopenmodem:    hello?
CallMeRomeorRick:    no, I can't.
CallMeRomeorRick:    sorry.
Houseopenmodem:    how old are you?
Houseopenmodem:    any ways?
CallMeRomeorRick:    do you have a helmet?
Houseopenmodem:    yes
Houseopenmodem:    why?
Houseopenmodem:    how old are you?
Houseopenmodem:    how old are you
Houseopenmodem:    how old are you
CallMeRomeorRick:    does it have a rearview mirror?
Houseopenmodem:    sure
Houseopenmodem:    how old are you?
Houseopenmodem:    how old are you?
Houseopenmodem:    im gonna send my aunt to kick your butt all over town...
Houseopenmodem:    ghg
CallMeRomeorRick:    your aunt?
CallMeRomeorRick:    does she have a handicap placcard?
CallMeRomeorRick:    I could use one of those.
Houseopenmodem:    she is a kick boxer
CallMeRomeorRick:    oh yeah?
CallMeRomeorRick:    does her car have that ramp?
Houseopenmodem:    nope
Houseopenmodem:    it got ripped off..
Houseopenmodem:    lmao
Houseopenmodem:    lmao
CallMeRomeorRick:    good.  you don't desrve it.
CallMeRomeorRick:    *deserve
Houseopenmodem:    were notifing AOL.....NOW YOU'VE DONE IT....
CallMeRomeorRick:    actually
CallMeRomeorRick:    you're not.
CallMeRomeorRick:    because then
CallMeRomeorRick:    it would
CallMeRomeorRick:    block
CallMeRomeorRick:    my
CallMeRomeorRick:    IMs
CallMeRomeorRick:    iamo
CallMeRomeorRick:    oh no.
CallMeRomeorRick:    but guess what bud?  They read the WHOLE message.  It's obvious that you're harassing me.
CallMeRomeorRick:    but go for it.
CallMeRomeorRick:    ( =
Houseopenmodem:    YOU KEEP BOOTING ME OF GUY
Houseopenmodem:    OR GIRL
CallMeRomeorRick:    who me? ( =0
Houseopenmodem:    YES YOU
CallMeRomeorRick:    i'm just telling you "villa con dios"
Houseopenmodem:    YOU
Houseopenmodem:    YOU
CallMeRomeorRick:    i'm concerened about your relationship with jesus christ.
Houseopenmodem:    BESO ME COOLO
Houseopenmodem:    :)
Houseopenmodem:    LOL

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