Give me your Password.
by 9109
Special thanks to Jennie for preserving this convo ( =

about I blank: hey, give me your password.
Romeo2k10: your an idiot
Romeo2k10: who are you?
about I blank: I work for aol.
about I blank give me your password
no you dont
about I blank: Yes I do.
about I blank
: I can prove it.
about I blank
: 3 + 4= 7
Romeo2k10: your making me laugh
about I blank: that's good.
Romeo2k10: ok whats 99 times 99 divided by 9 divided by 9
about I blank: give me your password
about I blank
: and I'll tell you.
Romeo2k10: 121
Romeo2k10: so ha
ya we are all germans here everyone opposes us ya

about I blank: umm...
about I blank
: yeah.
about I blank
: are you on crack?
about I blank
: if you're not on crack,
about I blank
: then you are quite stupid.
Romeo2k10: why am I stupid?
Romeo2k10: because I know your little game
about I blank: actually,
about I blank
: you don't.
Romeo2k10: I know you your a hacker
about I blank:'d you know?
Romeo2k10: I can tell
Romeo2k10: You dont work for aol you just want to log in as me
about I blank: no!
Romeo2k10: yes
about I blank: I want to make sure your grandma can still use "you got pictures"
Romeo2k10: Your stupidly bores me
Romeo2k10: go along and bother some dopy guy
about I blank: but
about I blank
: but
about I blank
: I want your password.
Romeo2k10: i said go away
about I blank: ok, but you have to give me your password.
Romeo2k10: let me think.... NO!
Romeo2k10: your about to be silenced