submitted by John

XxX g0tti XxX:     lauren can we have pie together lateR?  
Krickett27: yea sure
XxX g0tti XxX: kewl
L3iGPiMpiN420: lmao
Krickett27: yea
L3iGPiMpiN420: lauren can i have some of ur pie too?
Krickett27: hect yea
XxX g0tti XxX: awwww
L3iGPiMpiN420: saweet
XxX g0tti XxX: choooooo chooooooo
L3iGPiMpiN420: ur so nice
L3iGPiMpiN420: lmfao
L3iGPiMpiN420: hahahahahaha
Krickett27: thanx
XxX g0tti XxX: i love trains =x
L3iGPiMpiN420: e too
L3iGPiMpiN420: u like trains lauren
Krickett27: yea
XxX g0tti XxX: kewwweeeeellllllll
L3iGPiMpiN420: ur one cool chick
XxX g0tti XxX: she sure is
Krickett27: your a cool dude
L3iGPiMpiN420: lol
L3iGPiMpiN420: misty
XxX g0tti XxX: Lauren do u like sausage?
Krickett27: no
XxX g0tti XxX: do u like fish??
Krickett27: no
XxX g0tti XxX: hmmm
XxX g0tti XxX: what do u like
L3iGPiMpiN420: do u like fudgicles?
Krickett27: yea
XxX g0tti XxX: hahaha
L3iGPiMpiN420: there ya go jermz
XxX g0tti XxX: lmfao
XxX g0tti XxX: i dont think lauren likes me
Krickett27: y do u think that
XxX g0tti XxX: its probably cuz im a virgin
L3iGPiMpiN420: maybe its cuz u look like alfred newman from the cover of mad magazine
Krickett27: well i am too
XxX g0ttiXxX:    i dunno im getting a bad vibe like u wish i was dead
Krickett27: i don't wish that
L3iGPiMpiN420: omg lauren thats mean
Krickett27: whats mean
XxX g0tti XxX: Lauren what kinda pie are we gonna eat later?
XxX g0tti XxX: u wanna know so i dont ruin my appetite
XxX g0tti XxX: i*
Krickett27: cherry
L3iGPiMpiN420: lmfao
XxX g0tti XxX: ummm
XxX g0tti XxX: i dont eat cherry pie =x 
Krickett27: apple?
XxX g0tti XxX: ok we can do apple
Krickett27: alrighty then
XxX g0tti XxX: is ur pie good lauren?
Krickett27: yesss
XxX g0tti XxX: have u ever tasted it b4?
Krickett27: nooo
XxX g0tti XxX: then how do u know its good?
L3iGPiMpiN420: do u stick ur fingers in ur pie to see if its warm?
XxX g0tti XxX:   duh thats the only way to find out
Krickett27: no
L3iGPiMpiN420: im going to hell
HuKt AwN Eb0nlkS: rofl @ her answering yes & no
XxX g0tti XxX: lmfao
XxX g0tti XxX: jermz ur in dude
Krickett27: no your not
XxX g0tti XxX: she likes fudgecicles
L3iGPiMpiN420: she likes fudgicles
HuKt AwN Eb0nlkS: YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!
XxX g0tti XxX: haha 
XxX g0tti XxX:    lauren i wanna know how u know if ur pie is good if uve never tasted it
Krickett27: others have
XxX g0tti XxX: i mean i dont wanna eat it if it dont taste good
L3iGPiMpiN420: ohhh
XxX g0tti XxX: oh i see  
XxX g0tti XxX:    so u dont really eat pie huh?
L3iGPiMpiN420: did they say it tasted good and came back for more?
Krickett27: yes
XxX g0tti XxX:    u dont put nasty stuff in ur pie do u?
L3iGPiMpiN420: girls or boys lauren?
L3iGPiMpiN420: hahah
XxX g0tti XxX: like raisons and cloves and stuff?
Krickett27: boys
L3iGPiMpiN420: forks
XxX g0tti XxX: lmfao
XxX g0tti XxX: this is the best conversation ive had online in months =x
L3iGPiMpiN420: i know  
L3iGPiMpiN420: i cnat stop laughin
XxX g0tti XxX: lolol
XxX g0tti XxX: lauren how many boyz have tasted ur pie?
XxX g0tti XxX: i mean at 15 u shouldnt be baking that much
Krickett27: dude i am just playing with you guys
L3iGPiMpiN420: =O
XxX g0tti XxX: ur playing with us?
XxX g0tti XxX: OMFG
Krickett27: duh!?
L3iGPiMpiN420: hahaha
XxX g0tti XxX: so u dont wanna have pie with me later?
Krickett27: noo
XxX g0tti XxX: u wench
XxX g0tti XxX: i bet ur pie is probably dry and tastes like azz
Krickett27: noo
L3iGPiMpiN420: lol
Krickett27: if you gonna say that i'll just stick with L3iGPiMpiN420
XxX g0tti XxX: no...lol
L3iGPiMpiN420: lol