Pinacle(sic) Peaks
by Clev

SnowNboardeR2:    hi
SnowNboardeR2:    u there
CIevngrI:    maybe 
SnowNboardeR2:    ok
SnowNboardeR2:    maybe
CIevngrI:    hey, you can read...2 points for you
SnowNboardeR2:    hey you can type 3 points 4 u

CIevngrI:    that was lame, no mas snow
SnowNboardeR2:    and yours wasnt lame
CIevngrI:    no way. 
SnowNboardeR2:    so whats up
CIevngrI:    .....nothing. 
SnowNboardeR2:    do you work
CIevngrI:    do you?
SnowNboardeR2:    yeah
CIevngrI: are a saint.
SnowNboardeR2:    whats wrong with you
CIevngrI:    what's wrong with you?
SnowNboardeR2:    nada
SnowNboardeR2:    well do yo u work
CIevngrI:    do you know spanish?
SnowNboardeR2:    no
CIevngrI:    then why did you put 'nada'???????????
SnowNboardeR2:    i dont wanted to
CIevngrI:    that doesn't make need to be in school, not working.
SnowNboardeR2:    ok do you work at pinacle peak
CIevngrI:    do you?
SnowNboardeR2:    no do you
CIevngrI:    i asked you first 
SnowNboardeR2:    yeah
CIevngrI:    so you do??
SnowNboardeR2:    yeah do u
CIevngrI:    you lied, liar face
SnowNboardeR2:    yes i do work there
SnowNboardeR2:    im asking do u
SnowNboardeR2:    work there
CIevngrI:    why would you assume that i work there since you do?
SnowNboardeR2:    no i know a girl there and her name is amanda
SnowNboardeR2:    im just woundering ok
CIevngrI:    you think there's one amanda in the whole world?
SnowNboardeR2:    ok well u dont work there
SnowNboardeR2:    thats all you had to say
CIevngrI:    WHO said i don't work there? 
SnowNboardeR2:    well your not saying
SnowNboardeR2:    anything
CIevngrI:    i'm talking a lot, what are you smoking?
SnowNboardeR2:    nothing
SnowNboardeR2:    well do yo uwork there are not please tell me
CIevngrI:    that's confidential information, pinacle peak would square me away if i leaked that kind of stuff out.
SnowNboardeR2:    are you short
CIevngrI:    is the amanda that you work with short?
SnowNboardeR2:    yeah
CIevngrI:    i'm short
SnowNboardeR2:    dirty blonde hair
CIevngrI:    does the amanda that you work with have dirty blonde hair?
SnowNboardeR2:    yes
CIevngrI:    i have dirty blonde hair 
SnowNboardeR2:    r u playing around with me
SnowNboardeR2:    are you being serious
CIevngrI:    i'm totally for sure serious.
SnowNboardeR2:    ok well then do you work there
CIevngrI:    shhhh
SnowNboardeR2:    did two guys ask you 4 your # on new years eve night
CIevngrI:    did two guys ask the amanda at your work for her number on new years eve night?
SnowNboardeR2:    yeah
CIevngrI:    omg, me too
SnowNboardeR2:    no that didnt happen
CIevngrI:    yeah, i was just joshin' ya.
SnowNboardeR2:    i caught u lieing
CIevngrI:    no you didn't, you caught me joshin' 
CIevngrI:    DO NOT ignore me.
SnowNboardeR2:    ok
CIevngrI:    good puppy
SnowNboardeR2:    forget you
SnowNboardeR2:    im no dog
CIevngrI:    ....okay...good duck.
CIevngrI:    i'd pat you on the head, but you probably bite.
SnowNboardeR2:    not finny
CIevngrI:    *funny
CIevngrI:    how can you work at an intelligent place like pinacle peak with your kind of brains?
CIevngrI:    CIevngrI: how can you work at an intelligent place like pinacle peak with your kind of brains? 
CIevngrI:    CIevngrI: CIevngrI: how can you work at an intelligent place like pinacle peak with your kind of brains?  
CIevngrI:    CIevngrI: DO NOT ignore me. 
SnowNboardeR2:    what ever
CIevngrI:    what's the matter, honey??/
CIevngrI:    CIevngrI: what's the matter, honey??
SnowNboardeR2:    ok
CIevngrI:    it wasn't a rhetorical question, so answer...
SnowNboardeR2:    not much
CIevngrI:    okay.
CIevngrI:    are you going to continue to be this boring?
SnowNboardeR2:    u have to have aol to talk to aol people right
CIevngrI:    what?