Rick Arrested For Slander?
by Kasey

CarSound Express:    ok great go-head I am working on a report right now..
AnarchEve:    then you obviously know nothing about AOL
AnarchEve:    but go ahead
CarSound Express:    Not, AOL, report, I am AI... you guys commited a crime
CarSound Express:    there is a law stoping that
AnarchEve:    I didn't commt anything
AnarchEve:    commit*
CarSound Express:    He did though.
AnarchEve:    you said you guys
CarSound Express:    Well he did. I am going to press charges, you don't know how many people go to jail for this stuff, but he will...
AnarchEve:    whatever
CarSound Express:    They charge will be, threats, slannder, 
AnarchEve:    ok if you're going to cry about a chat room go ahead
CarSound Express:    nope, nothing to do with the chat, it is called a open line of communication. so inother words laws apply there as anywhere else
CarSound Express:    if he walk up to me on the street threat me, there is a law on that, well this is the same thing...
AnarchEve:    its still a chat room
AnarchEve:    CRY ABOUT IT!!!
CarSound Express:    Cry, know, instead of going over there beating him up, I will use the law as my defence...
CarSound Express:    one thing I say was, opinion, what i though of him.,...
AnarchEve:    well he's stating his of you
AnarchEve:    and he never threated you
AnarchEve:    that my friend is a fact
CarSound Express:    I have it copy paste, and aol report...
CarSound Express:    so we'll see.
CarSound Express:    watch
AnarchEve:    I will..but he never threatened you
CarSound Express:    prove me wrong....
AnarchEve:    and if he wanted he'd get you for slander..his opinion
CarSound Express:    ok let me tell you how the law works
AnarchEve:    he gave his address
AnarchEve:    I know how the law works
AnarchEve:    open invitation
CarSound Express:    that is a threat
AnarchEve:    nope..never stick
AnarchEve:    and i'm a witness
CarSound Express:    you won't even be in the middle, I have copy paste, and AOL as my witness.
CarSound Express:    thank I have to ignore you now have a nice night