A Failure

    Not every motard conversation I attempt is funny. I usually delete the ones that AREN'T funny...however, this one was soooooo promising, that I decided to include it anyway.  It could've really went places if I would've ended it better.

pfaxd (8:04:19 PM) : hey!
pfaxd (8:04:32 PM) : how r u?
HyPeRimpulse71 (8:04:41 PM) : fine, and u?
pfaxd ( 8:04:47 PM) : I am gewd
pfaxd (8:04:58 PM):18/f
pfaxd(8:05:03 PM):wanna chat??
HyPeRimpulse71(8:05:23 PM):sure, what do ya wanna talk about?
pfaxd(8:05:44 PM):i dunno i just am having MAN problems and i am bored.
HyPeRimpulse71(8:06:40 PM):sorry bout that, where do ya live?
pfaxd(8:06:50 PM):On the eastside!!!!!!!!
pfaxd(8:06:57 PM):Bi broadway n rosemont
HyPeRimpulse71(8:07:06 PM):oh ok
pfaxd(8:07:14 PM):do u have a gurlfrend?
HyPeRimpulse71(8:07:32 PM):no, but i'm hopeful
pfaxd(8:07:41 PM):kewl kewl
pfaxd(8:07:49 PM):i won have a MAN very sewn
HyPeRimpulse71(8:08:02 PM):whats ur name?
pfaxd(8:08:12 PM):my name is COREY
pfaxd(8:08:36 PM):wear dew u live?
HyPeRimpulse71(8:08:58 PM):south eastside in Vail
pfaxd(8:09:11 PM):oo thats farrrr
pfaxd(8:09:16 PM):dew u have a kewl kar??
HyPeRimpulse71(8:09:19 PM):kinda
HyPeRimpulse71(8:09:30 PM):god you type fast
HyPeRimpulse71(8:09:40 PM):yeah I have a car
pfaxd(8:09:52 PM)
:lol~! i M GiFtED
pfaxd(8:10:18 PM):dew u ever meet people from online???/
HyPeRimpulse71(8:10:43 PM):lol, yeah, once
pfaxd(8:10:50 PM):how did it gew?
HyPeRimpulse71(8:10:59 PM):weird
pfaxd(8:11:05 PM):oh
pfaxd(8:11:16 PM):well if i am cute would u meat me?
HyPeRimpulse71(8:11:31 PM):maybe, what do you look like?
pfaxd(8:11:55 PM):i have a pix if u have AIM
HyPeRimpulse71(8:12:08 PM):AIM?
pfaxd(8:12:24 PM):ya its an im program that is ON THE INTERWEB@!!!!
HyPeRimpulse71(8:12:41 PM):nope don't have it
pfaxd(8:13:34 PM):o oh k. well i have short brown hair, blue eyes i am REALLY SHORT tho.
pfaxd(8:13:38 PM):i am only 4'11
pfaxd(8:13:47 PM):but i am skinny!~!
HyPeRimpulse71(8:14:05 PM):how much do you weigh? be honest
pfaxd(8:14:16 PM):i am 100lb!!!
pfaxd(8:14:23 PM):exactly
HyPeRimpulse71(8:14:50 PM): sounds nice
pfaxd(8:14:58 PM):sew would mabye u meet me someday??
HyPeRimpulse71(8:15:53 PM):I don't know I'm gonna have to flip a coin here
pfaxd(8:16:12 PM):ok!!! do i!
pfaxd(8:16:16 PM):it*
HyPeRimpulse71(8:16:44 PM):heads I'll meet ya tails I won't
pfaxd(8:16:55 PM):ok, flip it !
HyPeRimpulse71(8:17:23 PM):it was.............
HyPeRimpulse71(8:17:36 PM):heads
pfaxd(8:17:41 PM)
pfaxd(8:17:48 PM):gewd cuz heads is my favorite thing
pfaxd(8:17:50 PM):lol!
HyPeRimpulse71(8:18:09 PM):can you send an e-mail with ya pic?
pfaxd(8:18:22 PM):sure i will in a sec
pfaxd(8:18:33 PM):but i wanna say i am glad u will meet me cuz i have a man problem
pfaxd(8:18:47 PM):but dun worry, after the operation tomorrow
pfaxd(8:18:54 PM):I won't be a man at all anymore!!
HyPeRimpulse71(8:19:03 PM):great!!!
HyPeRimpulse71(8:19:50 PM):so can we meet right after the operation or what?
pfaxd(8:20:00 PM)
pfaxd(8:20:06 PM):dew u like red wings?
HyPeRimpulse71(8:20:35 PM):no sorry, I'm a Devils fan
pfaxd(8:20:40 PM):awwww
HyPeRimpulse71(8:20:49 PM):i said sorry
pfaxd(8:20:59 PM):i am a LAKER fan
pfaxd(8:21:21 PM):I HAD SEX WITH SHAQ!!!
pfaxd(8:21:55 PM):BUTT it waz rape
HyPeRimpulse71(8:21:56 PM):funny funny
pfaxd(8:21:57 PM):lol
HyPeRimpulse71(8:23:47 PM):so whats up with that pic?
pfaxd(8:24:20 PM):I will send it hold on!
HyPeRimpulse71(8:24:26 PM):ok
pfaxd(8:27:08 PM):sending from my hotmail!
pfaxd(8:29:40 PM):wat dew u think?
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