Type that again!


Xxlnj:     just a thought and a question
CallMeRomeorRick:    aaaaaaaaaaahahahah
CallMeRomeorRick:    type that again
CallMeRomeorRick:    i accidentally canceled that
Xxlnj:     nah, it's ok...be good
CallMeRomeorRick:    i want to paste that first IM to the room
CallMeRomeorRick:    ahahahahah
Xxlnj:    oh ok, very mature
Xxlnj:    you and the room, you profess to be deep and intelligent, so why harrass others, when they are not even speaking to you?
CallMeRomeorRick:    awww....poor fellow.
CallMeRomeorRick:    You are quite obsessed.
CallMeRomeorRick:    I suggest counseling.
Xxlnj:    again, with the mocking
Xxlnj:    i'll take your suggestion and piss on it lol
Xxlnj:    but answer the question...
Xxlnj:    why interupt other peoples converstation? does that make you feel like a big important man lol?
CallMeRomeorRick:    Why do you laugh at your own comments so much?
CallMeRomeorRick:    because they're not funny.  that's why.
Xxlnj:    cause i find them funny, obviously...sheesh
Xxlnj:    and you dont...what is ahhahhaahhaha?
CallMeRomeorRick:    I was laughing at you.
CallMeRomeorRick:    feel free to keep up.
Xxlnj:    well i disagree obviously romeo lol
Xxlnj:    and i at you foolish boy
CallMeRomeorRick:    There you go again with the non-reading.
Xxlnj:    non reading lol
Xxlnj:    i'd correct you if i thought it would matter
CallMeRomeorRick:    You seriously need some help.
Xxlnj:    oh you're so right
Xxlnj:    id like to help you learn to be a bit more polite, to mind your own business...where do you live buddy?
CallMeRomeorRick:    I live in tucson, arizona.
Xxlnj:    too bad
Xxlnj:    i doubt you're such a wise ass in person though
Xxlnj:    and you're right i do have a problem
CallMeRomeorRick:    actually, i'm probably more "wise ass" in person.
Xxlnj:    with assh*les like yourself...allow other people to talk, interupting, poking your nose in where it does not belong is bound to get you in trouble...
Xxlnj:    well id love to see it romeo
CallMeRomeorRick:    "romeo"
CallMeRomeorRick:    You're stupid.
Xxlnj:    thanks
Xxlnj:    i think you've said that in one form or another already
Xxlnj:    and you're a pussy
CallMeRomeorRick:    repeating things helps the mentally inept.
Xxlnj:    bye dick, or is it rick? oh same thing
Xxlnj:    nah, just helps the pedantic think they sound smart
CallMeRomeorRick:    Perhaps, but the bottom line is that you're witless and worthless.
Xxlnj:    "why follow a path that isnt yours to walk"? interesting, you're quote in your own homepage sums up my point, ok, we're done here, thanks
Xxlnj:    oohh and you are so good with aliterations
CallMeRomeorRick:    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
CallMeRomeorRick:    your obsession is so cute.
Xxlnj:    never judge whether another may be worthless, worry about yourself, you're own worth, for if you judge others, it just reflects what you lack
Xxlnj:    yes, thank you
CallMeRomeorRick:    only morons don't judge.
Xxlnj:    yes only morons judge others rather than look inward to judge themselves
CallMeRomeorRick:    Uh...no.
Xxlnj:    yes moron
CallMeRomeorRick:    Not quite.
Xxlnj:    you judge others as worthless, one you know nothing about
Xxlnj:    not a thing other than silly aol babble
CallMeRomeorRick:    You sure do whine a lot.
Xxlnj:    you dont have the information to judge anyone on here, so if you choose to...well it says that you are somehow lacking, therefore you look to others to put down
Xxlnj:    ok loser, be gone
CallMeRomeorRick:    Here's a tip: read what you type outloud before you press the "send" button; you'll find that your sentences will contain a tad bit more clarity.
Xxlnj:    bye now