The Andrea Yate's Foundation
By Gin

BluesClues4Me2:  what's the Andrea Yates foundation?
Drink TiL HesH0t:  oh its a foundation to help andrea yates and the truth she revealed
BluesClues4Me2:  who is andrea yates?
Drink TiL HesH0t:  Oh...thats irrelivant
BluesClues4Me2:  how is that irrelevant? what truth did she reveal?
Drink TiL HesH0t:  she revealed the way life ought to be
Drink TiL HesH0t:  the foundation has helped many women to relieve stress
BluesClues4Me2:  ok well if you aren't going to give me any sort of real information then I can't make an educated decision on this... thanks anyway though
Drink TiL HesH0t: old are you?
Drink TiL HesH0t:  this information will help with explaining about your pregnancy and will better the process of explanation
BluesClues4Me2:  22
BluesClues4Me2:  this is my second child
Drink TiL HesH0t:  ok well you can join with the first one also..2 kids is a prime number...thats what andrea had
BluesClues4Me2:  that's all i'm having
Drink TiL HesH0t:  Andrea yates was a woman in texas who killed her 2 children...Now we started this foundation based on her teachings, weve found that by following her practices that it gets rid of stress and sometimes injuries
Drink TiL HesH0t:  would you like to give me your adress so i can mail you the information packet?
BluesClues4Me2:  i thought she had 5 kids
Drink TiL HesH0t:  she laughed while killing 2
BluesClues4Me2:  why don't yougive me the address so i can send for information?
Drink TiL HesH0t:  its a privately owned business
Drink TiL HesH0t:  are you interested in the gold member only packages?
BluesClues4Me2:  ok then give me the 800 number I can call and get information
Drink TiL HesH0t:  its only 5 dollars includes insurance and we provide an ttorney if needed
Drink TiL HesH0t:  an attorney*
Drink TiL HesH0t:  well does this interest you?
BluesClues4Me2:  well if you give me the 800 number I would love to find out more about it..
Drink TiL HesH0t:  the company isnt that established yet, were just starting out and only have a few pamphlets printed out
BluesClues4Me2:  well I thought you just said ot was a privately own business I didn't know that private businesses ran foundations
Drink TiL HesH0t:  its trying ot get its name out
BluesClues4Me2:  well I don't want to give out my address so I guess I am not interested thanks anyway
Drink TiL HesH0t:  Any time...we have conultants going through neighborhoods purhaps we may come across your home some day
BluesClues4Me2:  ok