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Boy or girl?  Boy or Girl?  I think it's best that I don't know. 

Anyways, I'm sure this goth is too busy composing bad poetry  about its own meaningless existence to have use for its genitals.

These motards need your help!  

This poor idiot, unable to use simple food utensils (such as spoons and forks) has resorted to consuming her own snot.  

Please, to you, it's a dollar a day.  To these imbeciles, it's a lifesaver.


  Just a dollar a day!  How can you look at these pathetic simpletons and not want to help?

  Members of the Local NAMBLA, they lost their shirts at the local bath house by forgetting their locker combinations. 

Your contributions will feed and clothe the little one, and pay for security to keep the  chunky one from stealing his small friend's meals.  It will also finance extensive STD testing and treatment for both motards.


James Blob.

Hey little girl, want some candy?" This is the first motard to appear in the convo and picture section . . .see this idiot in action: Picture of Mine 

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