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Studies show that motards have a higher incident of spontaneous combustion.  

I think it has more to do with me stuffing magnesium down their throat.

After being rejected by every single post-pubescent male in their town, these whores have started hanging at the local park.

Ironically enough, fucking 5 year olds for milk money more than pays for their classy clothes.

Jane, on the left towards the screen, feels the need to walk around with a mannequin attached to her arm.  The only explanation for this idiosyncrasy is Jane's total and complete idiocy.
First there was The Spice Girls.  Then there was Dream.

Now these girls want to get into the act.

As their manager, I can't quite decide between "The Hideous Harpy Girls" or "Horrible Nighmare" 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


This young man is attempting to perform the Heimlich manuver on his young girlfriend.  Apparently, she didn't realize the dangers involved in swallowing marbles.

Yeah, I know, that wasn't very witty.

Blow me.

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