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     In the year 2022 the Planet Earth will be conqured by these horrible creatures.

     If you encounter these creatures, kill them at once.  The weak spot is the ugly crack in its face.  Stick a flaming spear right up the hole.

      See, THIS is why we need to go see Tom Green's movies.  

     No one went and saw Freddy Got Fingered, now he's dating our daughters.  Good job America.

     Oh no!  Billy's mom has caught him masturbating again!

     Billy hopes to someday replace a departing Backstreetboy Howy or Cody, or whatever the hell those guys are called.  His dreams will be sadly dashed when he discovers that even the BSB have policies against motarded freakish pervs

"Hi, welcome to my kitchen, I'm going to eat you!" says Kitchen Yeti.

    Well, anything has to better than staring at this creatures ugly mug for another second.

     I realize that this is the part where I'm supposed to make fun of the picture...but man, I gotta admit, I envy that dude.  He looks like that sheriff from Duke's Of Hazaard . . .but honestly, I gotta admit, dude looks pimpish with those girls all up on him.  

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