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The Grim Reaper shows of her extensive collection of CD's.

Oh yeah, this is one of the stupidest people online, ever.  I hope she dies.

The guitar fairy rocks!  Well, if rocking is defined as "jumping around like a moron playing random notes and whining about his parents refusal to buy the yellow spoiler for his Civic."

His next gig is Upland High School's Prom.  They aren't actually going to pay him.  Instead, they will offer him one free admittance (it's not like he was going to have a date, anyway) They also will allow him all the punch  he'd like.  They were going to offer him unlimited Wieners in a Blanket, yet they feared he might take it too literally.

Oh look, the goth discovered photoshop.  By removing the color from his photograph, he is trying to show us how empty and pointless his life is.

Funny, I didn't need a picture to figure that out at all.  

Mug-z is showing off the CD his mother got him for Christmas.  Mug-z will listen to the entire CD for hours, memorizing all the hardcore gangsta lyrics.  He will then attempt to use the lyrics on the local bully, sure that they will horribly intimidate him.  He will be severely beaten.

Mug-z has a home page. I'll warn you, it's horrible; it's filled with animated GIFs and annoying MIDIS. . . but, it's lots of wigger fun for the entire family.

Pictured here is Vernon; he is happily dreaming about the latest Pokemon movie:

"Pickachu, I CHOOSE YOU!!! FOR SEX!!!!"

Don't ask where his other hand is.

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