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Too stupid to realize the inherent danger of a burning car and too uncoordinated to drive, this motard pushes his car to the local mechanic shop/meth lab.
How colorful.  Is there a reason why this stupid mongoloid can't have the manners to look directly at the damn camera?
Oh yay, another moron who was commanded by Lord Beelzebub to dress up like a dumbass and to hang all his posters crooked.  Damn that's annoying. 
This "Sexy" "woman" is laying on her bath matt after failing to read the "use in a ventilated area" sign on the bottle of hairspray she used on that diseased plant growing on her head that she likes to call her hair.

I don't think that's very funny, Rick!  She's A VERY SEXY LADY!  I'd love to have her company!!

You're also like a 40 year old virgin.

Well, you're a 22 year old virgin.

Shut up.

Someone needs to buy this idiot an iron.

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