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All joking aside, me and my friend Jen each spent around five minutes staring at this pic trying to figure out if it was a guy or a girl.
...but considering the girls pink shirt hangs out with, it's no wonder he's/she's so confused.
Oh my stars and garters!  Where is her hand?? Run Pluto, run!
Reason #1 why idiots shouldn't use photoshop.
Reason #2:

The sad thing, is that this idiot sent me this pic like 500 times and I just kept deleting it due to the motards unrestrained stupidity.  I finally opened and was thoroughly  shocked at just how I had underestimated his stupidity.

Reason # 3:

This motard demonstrates how deep he is into thug life with his LEET photoshop skills, which he uses to denote that he is indeed, Pimp of the year.  

Well, I wouldn't be so quick to talk!  You and all of us on this page have a few things in common.

What's that, AC?

You share our culture.

Well, I thank you for that, but the truth is I'm so white that ocean liner such as the Titanic often collide with me.

No, not RACE silly! The culture of virgins

Seriously, shut up.

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