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This proves right here that evolution is a myth; this bird is clearly a step above this idiot on the food chain, yet here it is, simply conspiring to peck his eyes out instead of shredding him and feeding his remains to his children in the wild.
I think this is the same kid in the pic above several years later.  The disturbing thing about that is that he actually chose to keep his hair looking like that.  Damn that bird!
Confused whiggers representing their set, Wigger Clique by throwing up "WC";  The Pasty-White Crackers have their entire town in a state of fear.  Not so much for their oh-so-threatening smiles and symbols and such-no, the truly frightening thing is that with enough liquor and date-rape drugs these petulant idiots might actually reproduce.
See kids?  This is why you don't do speed.  Just look how much weight  Chuck E Cheese has lost.  No wonder they had to replace him with some stan-ass stupid skateboarding cartoon idiot that makes me want to vomit in their salad bar.  


oOOoooOoooo...scary...photoshop blood.  The positive aspect of this picture is "Chici" or "Chigi" or "idiot" appears to be slitting his own throat.  One can only hope that the knife slips and takes out his companion as well, thus lessening the burden on our future's genepool.

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