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The Moronions  children pose for a family picture
Ha ha! And look at mom and dad. They are wear Hawaiian shirts.  That must mean they are humours and fun loving, or, perhaps very drunk!

The safe money is on "very drunk"

Jimmy "Skeleton" Moronion REALLY loves his family.
Look: Skeleton just gave a little bit of brotherly man-love to his little brother Tim.
. . .and obviously Timmy REALLY enjoys it.
Look how big Skelton's sisters are smiling! Those roofies sure cheer them up!
Even good old Aunt Maude and Good Old Russ are suckers for Skeleton's Loving.

Don't ask me which is Maude and which is Russ; I haven't a clue.

The only family member Skelton WON'T distribute man-love too.
Two of the younger boys in the family run in fear from Skeleton's man-love. 

However, it is unlikely that they will get away for long as. . .

. . .it's pretty obvious by looking at Mom and Grandpa that this sort of thing is encouraged  this family.

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