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Ha ha.  Look at them!  They're in togas, therefore, they are hilarious and fun loving individuals.

Laugh it up, 'tards.  I spiked the guy's beer with arsenic and I spiked the chick's with roofies..

Why do frat guys love to emulate the greek?  That society went to hell while everyone fucked each other.  Hmm...now that I think about it, it doesn't really sound that bad.

I also spiked something when I saw these two girls.


With a spike.

A sharp one.

This guy is entirely too happy.  Look at that crap all over his face!  I'd say to work in a razor, but I think this guy needs all the hair he can get.
Why do morons think standing in the dark is so cool?  Nowadays, we have these things called "light bulbs" wich generally will illuminate a dark area.

Actually, on second thought, I just wish this picture would go all black.

I suggest you guys don't use the same pimple cream that this guy uses; it obviously doesn't work.

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