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This is what happens when nerds try to rave.

First of all, NO ONE should be raving; I know you nerds want to be cool and everything but RAVING IS NOT THE ANSWER.  

Although I suppose you really can't look any stupider than "real" ravers.  Shit, maybe these ARE real ravers? 

Eh, fuck it.  Kill em all and  let god sort 'em out.

Normally, I would point out how stupid the ravers are in the picture.  I can't help but being distracted by the demon children in the background on the left side of the picture.  Perhaps those kids will consume those moronic raver's souls?  You gotta love demon children. 
I saw these kids at the gym the other day.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I figured it had to be some sort of raver training facilitiy.  So I burnt down the gym and confiscated those circular glowsticks.  They said "Hula" on them; I figure that must be some sort of acronym like "PLUR."  It probably means "Help Us Lick Ass" or something.
This poor guy is obviously sitting and wondering how the hell he got stuck in a room with all these crack smoking crackers.
See, I told you that ravers are retards.

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