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I was going to leave put her on the pic pages much earlier but she was TOO BIG for my server!

Ha.  A fat joke.  How witty.

I'm not exactly sure why this picture is tilted incorrectly.  I'm sure someone probably was just too stupid to hold the camera correctly.  My secret hope though, is that she might be falling over, which would likely cause her to choke and die on that banana.  
Lil Bow Wow here would really love it if you go see his new movie.

I'd love it if Lil Bow Wow would Lil Bow Shut The Fuck Up, but maybe that's just me.

"I'm with stupid!"

Of course, any of the three pictured could say that.

     When I was younger, I used to ride my bike a lot.  I'd always go to this place and that (I was TOO COOL TO DRIVE!!  Or TOO POOR . . .one of the two).  Anyway, once, distracted by what a hot girl, I ran right into a telephone poll.  I remember traveling along this long, dark tunnel with a speck of light that grew increasingly brilliant as i drew closer to it.  Pictured to the right is what I saw at the end of the of the tunnel.  So, even though I noticed  the "hot chick" had a rather prominent Adam's Apple, I I was still grateful to be brought back from that hell.

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