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Man.  It seems like gangs just keep getting less and less scary everyday.  Remember tthe old days when a gang would beat you and steal your wallet or maybe do a drive-by on your house?  

Now they sit around and smile and take pictures.  

God, I miss the good old days.

I guess all the REAL OG's are wearing turtlenecks this year.

The original title of this picture on the webpage I took it from was "all20%outness.jpg"  Olo, wow.  Just wow.

Awwwwww...look at the two couples!  They're so cute together, out on a motarded double date with a kid they kidnapped from the local comic book store

Shit kid, I'd hide my face too.

"Who THE FUCK are these crackers and why's this guy's arm around me?  And why the fuck didn't they bring me a drink?"
Everybody orgy!

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