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"Awww, hunny, you didn't have to get me an anniversary gift!" said horribly-ugly beast-woman

"That's a good thing, honey, because the box contains a sawed off shotgun!  I figured the best way to celebrate the anniversary of my marriage to you, horribly-ugly-beast-woman, was with a murder suicide!" replied horribly- pathetic-geek-man.

"AWWWW, YOU'RE SO SWEET HONEY!!  YOU'RE RIGHT, WE ARE TOO HORRIBLY PATHETIC TO LIVE!" stated horribly-ugly-beast-woman shortly before mercifully departing from this mortal coil.

Man, the man really has harassed Allen Iverson way too much.  He's almost as pale as the  glowing breast woman from the last page
Look lady, it's going to take more than one damn bottle to get me to sleep with you.
Now this guy, on the other hand, well, there's just no damn way that I can resist his sickly scrawny features, the foil chain around his neck or his striking cockeyed glare.   

Considering this is what George W. probably looked like at this age, It's only a matter of time until SB mails me asking for this guy;'s e-mail address.  Well I don't have it, dammit!

Look at all the young, neat and well-dressed men waiting outside of the local free clinic.

The second young, neat and well-dressed man from the right of the picture is incredibly excited because I told him that he won the prize.   That's right!  Congratulations, young man!  You have the AIDs!!

Actually, all of you guys do!

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