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Look, it's Woody from Toy Story.
Olo, as if that idiotic picture itself wasn't enough to make motards itself, this motard has a horrible web page devoted to his idiocy. As if the picture and the site weren't stupid enough, someone went and stole his pics .  Olo, I guess idiocy begets idiocy.
"Ugh. Why are they making me touch this negro? This is the last time I go to the suburbs!!"

"Ugh, why are they making this cracker touch me? She could at least move her hand up a little bit."

The Goth-raver considers Mack's Bowling Alley to be his domain of terror.

No wonder I can never find a damn left-handed ball.

I feel sorry for the kid in the middle.  All he wanted to do was go to Knott's Berry Farm and here he is, immortilzed on a web page with a massive pimple on his nose.  Blame your "thuggish" friend on the right.

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