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Is it just me, or does it look like he's making out with his bubble yum?
Eddie over here shows off the gold medal he won in The Special Olympics.  No, not The Special Olympics that allows the challenged a chance to compete.  He won this medal in The Special Olympics held in The Folsom Federal Penitantary.  He did hard time.  He was caught breaking into police station.  His excuse?  He really likes shiny objects. 

This suspect would normally be considered armed and dangerous, but any sort of shiny object (like pennies or Tin Foil) will placate him.

Yet another Folsum Special Olympic Hopeful.
Mimes just by nature are motarded.   They're always going around locking themselves in invisible boxes.

This motard is so stupid, he locked himself in a REAL box.

You know, something really strange is going on here.  I'm not exactly sure WHAT is going on here but it's something really strange and it seems really disturbing. Especially the chick in the background.  It doesn't look like there's anything covering her breasts.  Ew.

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