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Haha, what a silly goth.  OOOOOO, SCARY! Watch out America the scary goth is giving us all a dirty look!  If we're not careful he might write a bad poem about how the lord Beelzebub has forsaken him.

Actually though this dude does look kinda unstable.  I have a feeling that he has rabies or something.  


You know how when you go to a hotel, how the maid tries to clean your room every single damn day.  Well, one time I went out and I came back and found this thing laying on my bed.  That's what I get for not putitng up the "no te molestado sign?"

And what the fuck is this guy pointing at?  Is he pointing at his penis?  I'm not going to look to see if there's a bulge there, but I have a striking fear that there is.

Lesbian Trailer Park porn sure ain't what it used to be.
This guy hasn't quite got down that whole "sitting in a chair" thing quite yet.
I love stabbing my eyes out with dirt AIDs infested burning heroin-filled hypodermic needles after seeing this pic.

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