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I found all these pics on this page while I was trying to find pics of a duck.  Damn, what's wrong with this world?

Oh yeah, P.S.  Remind me to never go to Ireland.
See ,this is the problem with our nation.  These are our college students, ladies and gentleman.  Our nation's future is entrusted into a moron quacking through the intersection, probably high out of his mind in broad daylight.

If it's duck season I think it would be legal to run this full over.  Why isn't there a moron season?

Whoa dude, totally gnarly threads bra!!

I always used to think that it was silly for marijuana to be illegal.  Now that I've seen these last two pictures, I've completely changed my mind.  The only person it should be legal for is me.  I need to forget these stupid pictures and I need all the help I can get.

Christ, Japanese people scare the crap out of me sometimes.  Pictures like these make me feel better about that whole "A-Bomb" thing.

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