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You're also not very bright sometimes; most people generally wear their shoes on their feet...
. . .of course after seeing this pic, maybe the whole "shoe on head" thing makes sense.
Kelly is shocked to learn that the writing on her forehead is backwards.

It's an understandable mistakes.  Mirrors are a realitively new concept to her.  Until recently she thought that another girl was living behind the glass in her bathroom..

I'm pretty impressed that she's able to walk and drink at the same time.

The hat also puzzles me.  I can't quite understand why she's wearing it.  i'd assume she was playing the part of a Krispy Kreme employee, but the idea of Kelly working in a fast food place is a tad bit far-fetched.

The last time Kelly was pulled over for running a red light, she swore to the officer that it was because she didn't know the light was red.  The officer took one look at Kelly's friend's and her shirts and realized that since the street lights don't actually say "green" and "red" that she was probably telling the truth.

just kiddin'
(olo, you can check out more kelly pics on her page)
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